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You’re Not Alone: Hypnosis and Abandonment Issues

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Abandonment is a very real fear for many, manifesting in a variety of extremely self-destructive ways. An adult that has never properly dealt with their fears of abandonment often subconsciously grapples with that fear by attempting to control loved ones, leading to the damage or destruction of important relationships. The fear of abandonment typically appears due to a childhood incident or a recent loss, such as that of a parent or partner. Thankfully, even deeply embedded abandonment anxiety can be gently examined and neutralized under the care of a skilled hypnotherapist.

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Using a combination of mental relaxation techniques, guided meditation, and suggesting, the therapist can help bring suppressed memories to light, giving the patient a clearer view of where the problem started so that they can work towards a solution. Especially effective when used in conjunction with a talk therapist or psychologist, the knowledge of the abandonment issue gleaned from hypnosis treatment is often incorporated into an overall treatment plan to help the patient in question. Continually referring to and reflecting on current issues can be viewed as a bandage for the deep wounds of abandonment – effective in the short term, but sooner or later the problem will resurface and begin to poison relationships again. Hypnosis treatment for abandonment helps to heal the wound permanently, eliminating the need for frequent “patching” by therapists.

In addition to improving the quality of life for an individual, examining and healing the original abandonment issue is a huge step towards ending negative behaviors like emotional smothering, rigid control, and paranoia. Loved ones, spouses, and even children are forced to deal with these as the abandonment-fearing individual acts out, greatly affecting their ability to connect and love. In fact, if abandonment-linked negative behaviors are left untreated, these damaging reactions can even develop and spread through social circles to take the harmful impact well beyond the original source. Hypnosis, with its gentle and non-medicinal approach, is an excellent way for skittish patients to start the path to healing abandonment issues in a non-confrontational way.

When a hypnosis patient makes the life-affirming choice to start putting their abandonment fears behind them, they gain a better, stronger perspective on what healthy relationships should be. Once the veil of abandonment fear has been lifted through hypnosis, the harmful aspects of current or past relationships are more clearly revealed, enabling the patient to make better socialization choices for their partners, friends, and themselves.

If the constant fear of friends or loved ones leaving you is holding you back from living your life with a healthy outlook, it’s time to get to the bottom of your fears. Use hypnosis therapy to overcome abandonment issues today and experience freedom from abandonment anxiety in your life. While the fears will leave, the strength you gain in your hypnosis sessions will remain, ensuring that you’ll never feel alone when it comes to personal mental support.  Call today and book your session – a new, fearless world of love and anxiety-free relationships is waiting.

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