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What makes a good hypnotist?

I’ve been working on another book about hypnosis and wrote a chapter called “The Hypnotist as Authority”. I realized what I wrote applies to more than just hypnotists.  The idea of having authority is a powerful tool anyone can use.  As I’ve written, being an authority is about constantly working to keep your life in […]

The Unseen Expense of Smoking

Simply knowing you should quit smoking isn’t usually enough to make it happen. Warning labels on cigarette packages become just another form of white noise…even though you know they are right. An annoying cough and heaviness in your chest begs you to quit smoking. In spite of the impact to your health there is a […]

Big Tobacco Wants Your Young

Fresh information has surfaced lately about the activities of Big Tobacco companies in markets over the developing world. One investigation by Reuters news agency revealed the facts of how Philip Morris International has been targeting young adults, teenagers and the younger generation in India through colourful advertising and promotions at night clubs and parties in […]

Big Tobacco is Making it Hard to Quit Smoking

It’s true smoking is becoming less acceptable in modern society, but the tobacco industry is finding it’s ways around that by making other tobacco products cheaper and more available. This includes the promotion of roll your own products as well as buying cigarette cartons direct from the factory. This is especially true in the United […]

“I can’t be hypnotized!” Yes, you can.

“I can’t be hypnotized!” Yes, you can. Probably due to basic misconceptions about hypnosis there are people who firmly believe they cannot be hypnotized. There are several reasons for this belief and by talking about them I’ll be better able to discuss hypnosis in general. Do your research and you’ll uncover this definition of hypnosis: “Hypnosis […]

Hypnosis For Pain Control 

According to an article published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, Mindfulness training and hypnotic suggestion significantly reduced acute pain experienced by hospital patients.The study took place over a year involving 244 patients at the Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. When testing three different methods of pain control, hypnosis yielded the best results. This […]

Why should you listen to our FREE hypnosis audio presentations?

I’d like to take some time to explain the benefits you can get from the free hypnosis audios available on this site. When you listen you’ll immediately notice the hypnosis audios are designed to put your outer world on hold and provide some time and space for you mind to rest and regroup. After just […]

What is New With New Hampshire Hypnosis? – March 2017

Over the past year I’ve done some serious reflection on how to better serve my hypnosis clients. I started with a very simple motto “One result in one session” and indeed I can consistently get amazing results in one session. What I’m always looking for is improving my clients lives beyond the original change they […]

Hypnosis Over Skype. Yes, it really works!

Because I help a LOT of people over Skype I made this video to answer a few questions. It is directed both to possible hypnosis clients and to hypnotists who have thought about adding Skype hypnosis to their services.  

The Problem With “Hypnosis Is Magic”

The good news is hypnosis is amazingly effective at helping people. The bad news is many people think hypnosis is magic. Hypnosis isn’t magic. It’s a very specific process that anyone can experience if they have an attention span and can follow instructions. Thanks to the media and other poor representations of hypnosis in pop […]

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