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Confession: I Was A Hypnotist Who Smoked Cigarettes

“Giving up smoking is easy…I’ve done it hundreds of times.” ~Mark Twain

It’s true. For a majority of my career as a hypnotist, while I was helping people quit smoking, I also smoked. I know that makes me seem like a hypocrite and I would agree.

I started smoking a few years before I started my career in hypnosis. Smoking made be feel independent and rebellious. I also knew no good would come of smoking but, like every smoker, I suppressed that thought with a double dose of justification and denial.  Also like many smokers, I quit smoking many times. What I want to share with you is what got me over the hump and made stay a non-smoker.

The turning point came for me when I realized that, while I liked smoking, and sometimes really wanted/craved a cigarette, I liked being a non-smoker even more. The change happened when I made smoking about my self image and self-esteem.

Many of us use a habit like smoking to distract us from something deeper, to keep us from facing a problem that might be easier to ignore. I thought I had a healthy self-esteem but I surrounded myself with un-supportive people and isolated myself from people who really cared about me. I was figuratively alone and used smoking to prop myself up and “be a man”.  Even now it sounds kind of pitiable.

Deciding to be a non-smoker and give up smoking was the most positive rebellion I could have designed against a half-lived life. When I quit smoking a lot of things changed. I began to treat myself with more respect and care. The most difficult part was ending the relationships that didn’t support my emotional well being.

As a result of all that I’m more dedicated than ever to helping people become non-smokers. Long term smokers are now the people I seek out the most to help. I want them to have the same change I did.

For some people, that simple message is enough to make them reconsider smoking. For others it can be a lot harder, I know! That is why I love helping people quit smoking and it’s why I developed my Quit Smoking CD and Download.

With the Quit Smoking CD and Download you don’t have to make an appointment with me or anyone. You just have to decide you’re ready to quit smoking.

With the Quit Smoking CD and Download you don’t have to pay $400 for my stop smoking program. It’s only $49.95, the cost of 5 to 8 packs of cigarettes.

With the Quit Smoking CD and Download you don’t have to schedule an appointment with a hypnotist. You follow the instructions and decide for yourself when you’re ready to quit.

With the Quit Smoking CD and Download you don’t have to worry. If you decide you want to work one-on-one with me instead, I’ll give you a $100 discount on my hypnosis program.



Quit Smoking Audio CD & Download

If you know a smoker who wants to quit, forward this to them. I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

David Barron, New Hampshire Hypnosis

Why should you listen to our FREE hypnosis audio presentations?

I’d like to take some time to explain the benefits you can get from the free hypnosis audios available on this site.

When you listen you’ll immediately notice the hypnosis audios are designed to put your outer world on hold and provide some time and space for you mind to rest and regroup. After just one listening most people report MUCH less stress and a clearer perspective on how to handle things. This is often enough reason to download these audios for when you need them, but here is added benefits to regular daily listening. It’s been documented that by listening to one of these audio recording on a daily basis. The audio presentations we have on this site are simply designed to institute a greater sense of acceptance with yourself at the core while improving your ability to focus and thus renders you more susceptible to hypnotherapy in general, increasing the chances of your success in past and future hypnosis session. These sessions have also been designed to alleviate stress and promote health and wellness in your life. People who know themselves and are happy with their lives are more confident and age slower than those who constantly worry and feel like they are on an endless path to getting to know themselves.

Hypnosis clients are asked to commit to listening to one hypnosis process at least once a day for the duration we work together.  Most keep listening daily long after our work together has ended. Feel free to share in the benefits!  You can download your free hypnosis audio at If you have any further questions feel free to call my office at (603) 589-8033.

David Barron

David Barron interviewed on Podcast

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I was recently interviewed by writer and podcaster, Danek S. Kaus, about my hypnosis practice. Danek Kaus co-authored with me the book “Power Persuasion: Using Hypnotic Influence in Life, Love and Business.”

Danek focused on what make my hypnosis practice different that most other hypnotists.  I wanted to tell him “results” but was able to get into a lot more detail.