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The Unseen Expense of Smoking

Simply knowing you should quit smoking isn’t usually enough to make it happen. Warning labels on cigarette packages become just another form of white noise…even though you know they are right. An annoying cough and heaviness in your chest begs you to quit smoking. In spite of the impact to your health there is a considerable negative impact on something else – your pocketbook.

Is It Overlooking the Obvious or Denial?

Throwing a few dollars toward a pack of smokes seems harmless, like the cost to your health, smoking has a cumulative impact on your long term finances.  Considering the big picture of how small expense add up you should remember that According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , the average cost of a pack of cigarettes is $6.28, which means a pack-a-day habit sets you back $188 per month or $2,292 per year. Ten years of smoking comes with a $22,920 price tag.

If you’re thinking electronic cigarettes are less expensive you would be wrong. It’s just another way to feed a habit that dose more harm than good to your health and finances. A pack of cigarettes you smoke carries an additional $35 in health-related costs.

Think of the BIGGER expense

The cost of smoking adds up and costs you in more ways than you can first imagine. Health and Money are just the most obvious there is also a risk of lost respect in a world where smoking is no longer a respectable pastime. Smoking also sets an example to the people you most care about. The costs keep going up and up.

You are a wiser person when you decide to stop smoking. You will also discover that you are a stronger person too. Hypnosis has been shown to be one of the most effective methods to become a lifelong non-smoker.

Make the call.

Hypnotizing People In Airports


The name tag I wore while traveling.

The title “Hypnotizing People In Airports” isn’t about how facinating airport traveler are.

It’s about how I do hypnosis on people IN AN AIRPORT!

As I was traveling over the holidays I decided to wear my name tag that says “My Name Is David. I’ll be your HYPNOTIST”. It was a social experiment just to see how people would react.

On a layover in Detroit I went to the Coney Island burger joint to eat. The waitress, Monica, asked about my name tag and immediately wanted to know if I could help her become a non-smoker.

That was all I needed.

In about 15 minutes she quite easily proclaimed herself a non-smoker.

Monica even reviewed me on!
Here’s the link.

I did this all for free… in the spirit of giving!!!!

I’m Wishing you a WONDERFUL 2016!


David Barron

PS, I don’t know how to contact Monical so if you happen to know Monica, who works at Coney Island restaurant in the Detroit airport, tell her I said hello!

Quality of Life vs. Smoking, Drinking & Obesity

ImprovePerformanceAccording to the World Health Organization (WHO) smoking, drinking and obesity is very likely to shorten the life span of Europeans*. And if it’s true for Europe it’s true for us in the good olde US of A.

Life expectancy is just one reason to change habits and improve your lifestyle. Another reason is Quality of Life.

Overeating, smoking and drinking may provide momentary satisfaction. In the long run these habits literally make you sick and reduce your satisfaction in life and your overall well being.

We all want to change but we don’t all know how. Most of our habits, good and bad, are now subconscious and we notice them by means of uncontrolable cravings and urges. Will power works for a while but it’s hard to fight habits and urges that are so deeply entrenched.

More than any other single method, hypnosis has a long history of changing subconscious habits and patterns and creating healthy choices that FEEL NATURAL.

Seriously, imagine living healthier because it’s easier and because it makes you FEEL GOOD! That’s what hypnosis has been doing for hundreds of years now.


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Podcast Interview with David Barron of New Hampshire Hypnosis

The Exciting Life of an Entrepreneur

Being your own boss can be a great option in today’s unreliable job market, but it’s not for everyone.

On top of the challenge of finding clients, paying bills and taking on all those pesky chores that your former co-workers used to do, like billing, accounts receivable and marketing, you still have to find a way to service your customers and mix in enough down time so that you don’t get burned out.

Join me for this week’s edition of Live from the Hive as David Barron from New Hampshire Hypnosis and I compare notes and discuss the ups and downs of being self-employed.

  • time management
  • projects & side jobs
  • networking & marketing
  • when to say no
We talk about how we choose projects, the importance of brand image and making the most of our networking opportunities.  As always, David shares a wealth of information about his experiences building his small New Hampshire business.

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Changing thoughts on cigarette smoking

george marks man in top hatIn the 50’s, it was fashionable to smoke cigarettes. Back then, you could smoke anywhere… airplanes, grocery stores and even hospitals. Can you remember a time when there were smoking sections in every restaurant? I can. My how times have changed! Today more than 50 million Americans smoke, with about 46% of them trying to quit each year through various methods of smoking cessation.

Face the Smokers Tax

A growing number of companies simply aren’t tolerating smoking in the workplace. Did you know about the ‘Smokers Surcharge’? That is, that more and more companies are beginning to demand that employees who smoke (or those who are overweight) share in a greater part of their health care costs. Statistics show that policies that impose a financial penalty on those who lead ‘unhealthy’ lifestyles has doubled in the past few years. Wal-Mart’s choice to start charging its employees more for insurance came without warning. Target and Pepsi have followed suit forcing workers to pay as much as $600 more per year unless they complete a smoking cessation program.

What’s more is that science is uncovering more and more about just how deceived we have all been by cigarettes. We found a study that recently revealed that people draw harder and deeper on light cigarettes, filling their lungs with more harmful material than they would inhale from regular cigarettes.

Why is Hypnosis effective for Stopping smoking?

How easy would it be to quit smoking if you had more willpower? That’s precisely what hypnosis aims to manufacture…Ten times more will power then you ever dreamed possible. Hypnosis is quite possibly the most scientifically expounded of all the so called “alternative” methods of therapy ranging around 90% effective in studies. Our goal is straight forward, to help you quit smoking. We are sure you can quit smoking through hypnosis and we guarantee it by offering free complementary follow-up sessions (if necessary). There are very few hypnotist who would make this promise. You will be a non-smoker, from your very first session, or we will do more hypnosis. It’s that simple.

It’s all in your mind

Why haven’t I been able to quit smoking before?

Maybe you’ve tried quitting smoking through the numerous methods available today. You’ve tried the gum, the patch, the electronic cigarettes, but all have failed. Have you ever considered why these methods fail?  The reason these other methods fail is simple, the other methods only aim to address the physical cravings for cigarettes and tobacco. Hypnosis is effective where other methods fail because it targets the root of your addiction; your mind.

Why haven’t I been able to lose weight in the past?

The biggest flaw in the methods you have used in the past to correct your weight loss issues, was that they focused on treating only the physical issues. Hypnosis works for weight loss because it focuses on your mind and helps you to make positive choices in regard to your health and weight.

hypnosis-mindWhy do I fear ______ so much?

Many people live day in and day out in fear, not knowing how easily hypnosis can help people overcome fears. Fears are simply manifestations of our internal defense system called our “sub-conscious mind”. Our mind can become conditioned because of our experiences to associate some behaviors as dangerous. Hypnotists help people with these common fears to recondition their sub-conscious mind to better cope with fear.

Why haven’t I been able to learn another language?

Regardless of what you may have been told about the learning process, you can learn anything under the right conditions. The truth is, your problems learning another language are mostly due to an apprehension you have towards it.  Hypnotists help people overcome mental barriers and work with the mind to produce a positive result in memory retention and learning capability.

Hypnosis is Coaching

If you really think about it, in sports, the role of a coach is to help athletes reach their full natural potential.  They are responsible with providing training, direction and analyzing performance.  Consequently, the coach is a varied role with application as a friend, a therapist, an instructor, a confidant, an organizer, and so on. The athlete himself is responsible for bringing his aptitude to the game, but it is the role of the coach to create the right conditions for learning to happen and the motivation to succeed in the game.

Since the prime goal of any coach or mentor is to help someone reach their full potential, a hypnotherapist fits perfectly with this definition. The hypnotist is a coach.  The hypnotherapist facilitates positive change in people’s lives by creating the correct environment for training to occur.

hypnosis-is-coachingHow does clinical hypnosis work?

“Hypnosis” is a focused state of consciousness. The hypnosis practitioner uses guided imagery to induce a hypnotic state. While in a hypnotic trance, the hypnotherapist is able to deal with your subconscious mind on a non-threatening level. Onc e a hypnotic state is induced, you will receive what is called “suggestions”, suggestions will enable you  to make the positives changes you sought when you hired a hypnotist. Typically hypnosis is done in a clinical setting, like any other therapist office, but can also take place in many settings like a public park or community center.  Our sessions are not rushed, but typically last about an hour and include a brief interview.

How can I get started with hypnosis?

We’re glad you asked.  We serve the entire state of New Hampshire, Maine and parts of Boston.  The easiest thing for you to do is just give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. We hope to develop a relationship with you and help you start making positive changes in your life today.

Getting to the Subconscious Mind


As someone who visits a hypnotist your goal is to get a desired change that you haven’t been able to achieve on your own.  That could be weight loss, stop smoking, remove a phobia or Post Traumatic Stress, etc.

As a hypnotist my goal is to help you make that change at a deeply subconscious level.  That means the change happens without you having to think about, worry about it or constantly trying to maintain the awesome result you got when you left my office. You should have  the change you want without you having to work at it.  That means you have the change you want without having to listen to hypnosis audios, repeat affirmations, think about what you remember in the session, etc.

Yes, it sounds like “magic”, but it is not.

In the early days of my hypnosis career I had subjects report to me that they had to work to maintain the results we achieved in their hypnosis session.  I began to ask this question “If hypnosis is as powerful as I know it is what can the subject and I do to make the change they want permanent from their first hypnosis session?” 

It was only after I spoke with a really great hypnotist that I realized I had to be able to gain direct access to the SubConscious mind.  This is something every hypnotist talks about but most can only do in a haphazard fashion through visualization and relaxation.  It explained why, in the early of my hypnosis career, my results were so varied.

When I can directly instruct your subconscious mind you will get the changes without having to think about it.  No more “trying to make the hypnosis work”.  It just works.  No, it’s not magic.

To do that two things have to take place – I , the hypnotist, must give clear and understandable instructions and you, the subject, must follow them exactly.  It really is that simple.  Of course, I can’t make you follow my instructions, you have to commit yourself to them. 

It is the reason most of my client seldom need a second session.  It’s also why they are overjoyed with their results.

The amusing thing is that other hypnotists criticize this way of doing business because it does not allow them to extract the most money they can from multiple sessions.

What can YOU do to get exactly what you want from your hypnosis session?

First it will help you to commit yourself 1000%  to the hypnosis experience. That means to focus your full attention on following the hypnotists instructions. If you analyse, question or think about the instruction (as opposed to following them instantly) your mind is not fully engaged in the process.

When you involve yourself so intensely in the process it becomes more than a visualization,  it becomes a total experience,  100% real, 100% pleasant and 100% effective.

If you have any questions feel free to call or email.   I’d love to hear your thoughts.


David Barron

(603) 589-8033