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Podcast Interview with David Barron of New Hampshire Hypnosis

The Exciting Life of an Entrepreneur

Being your own boss can be a great option in today’s unreliable job market, but it’s not for everyone.

On top of the challenge of finding clients, paying bills and taking on all those pesky chores that your former co-workers used to do, like billing, accounts receivable and marketing, you still have to find a way to service your customers and mix in enough down time so that you don’t get burned out.

Join me for this week’s edition of Live from the Hive as David Barron from New Hampshire Hypnosis and I compare notes and discuss the ups and downs of being self-employed.

  • time management
  • projects & side jobs
  • networking & marketing
  • when to say no
We talk about how we choose projects, the importance of brand image and making the most of our networking opportunities.  As always, David shares a wealth of information about his experiences building his small New Hampshire business.

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Getting to the Subconscious Mind


As someone who visits a hypnotist your goal is to get a desired change that you haven’t been able to achieve on your own.  That could be weight loss, stop smoking, remove a phobia or Post Traumatic Stress, etc.

As a hypnotist my goal is to help you make that change at a deeply subconscious level.  That means the change happens without you having to think about, worry about it or constantly trying to maintain the awesome result you got when you left my office. You should have  the change you want without you having to work at it.  That means you have the change you want without having to listen to hypnosis audios, repeat affirmations, think about what you remember in the session, etc.

Yes, it sounds like “magic”, but it is not.

In the early days of my hypnosis career I had subjects report to me that they had to work to maintain the results we achieved in their hypnosis session.  I began to ask this question “If hypnosis is as powerful as I know it is what can the subject and I do to make the change they want permanent from their first hypnosis session?” 

It was only after I spoke with a really great hypnotist that I realized I had to be able to gain direct access to the SubConscious mind.  This is something every hypnotist talks about but most can only do in a haphazard fashion through visualization and relaxation.  It explained why, in the early of my hypnosis career, my results were so varied.

When I can directly instruct your subconscious mind you will get the changes without having to think about it.  No more “trying to make the hypnosis work”.  It just works.  No, it’s not magic.

To do that two things have to take place – I , the hypnotist, must give clear and understandable instructions and you, the subject, must follow them exactly.  It really is that simple.  Of course, I can’t make you follow my instructions, you have to commit yourself to them. 

It is the reason most of my client seldom need a second session.  It’s also why they are overjoyed with their results.

The amusing thing is that other hypnotists criticize this way of doing business because it does not allow them to extract the most money they can from multiple sessions.

What can YOU do to get exactly what you want from your hypnosis session?

First it will help you to commit yourself 1000%  to the hypnosis experience. That means to focus your full attention on following the hypnotists instructions. If you analyse, question or think about the instruction (as opposed to following them instantly) your mind is not fully engaged in the process.

When you involve yourself so intensely in the process it becomes more than a visualization,  it becomes a total experience,  100% real, 100% pleasant and 100% effective.

If you have any questions feel free to call or email.   I’d love to hear your thoughts.


David Barron

(603) 589-8033

How Does Hypnosis Help For Quitting Smoking?

People often ask me how hypnosis works to quit smoking.bigstock-man-hand-crushing-a-packet-of-16379711-600x300[1]

There are a lot of ways I could answer that including going into what hypnosis is and isn’t but the simplest answer I can give is to tell them it’s a trick.

Stopping smoking with hypnosis is a very interesting trick that you do with your mind.  The “trick” is to change specific beliefs and understandings about yourself and smoking.

The Belief “I am a smoker”

You never hear someone say “I’m a smoker trapped in a non-smoker’s body” because becoming a “smoker” only happens after the smoking habit is well in place.

When a person says “I’m a smoker and I want to quit” they are saying at the level of “Identity” (i.e. who they think they are) that they see themselves as a smoker.  This belief was created after they smoked tobacco for a while.  So in their mind the belief of who they are (a smoker) is the result of their smoking.

For them  becoming a non-smoker happens only after they have demonstrated non-smoking behaviors.  So, it’s only after enough time passes without smoking behaviors that they will agree they are non-smoker.

What most people don’t realize is that they can become a non-smoker by changing their belief first.

The Quick SolutionCrushing-cigarettes[1]

If a smoker simply changes their belief in themselves to “I’m a non-smoker” their behavior would change.  It would happen the instant their belief changed.  So all a person has to do to stop smoking is to sincerely believe they are non-smoker.

Easier said than done.

The Problem

Unfortunately, a simple solution isn’t always an easy solution.   The problem is that most people don’t know how to alter their beliefs.

I have met people who realize their problem lies solely on their belief  of  “I’m a smoker” and just decided to change it.  They instantly quit smoking,  no longer craved cigarettes and had no tobacco withdraws …. all without hypnosis.

Again, all they did is decide to become a non-smoker and believe without hesitation or doubt.

The “trick” requires that you focus so much on the new belief  “I’m a non-smoker” that it becomes true,  real and unquestionable.

Not all of us have that skill because we tend to quickly find exceptions to our any belief that challenge us.

How Hypnosis Helps

Hypnosis helps by creating a powerful and convincing experience that makes is easy to believe “I’m a non-smoker”.  This powerful experience is in the mind of the hypnosis subject but is profound enough for them to convince themselves that they no longer smoke or have desires to smoke.  The result is the hypnosis subject accepts without doubt that they are  real life non-smoker.

Hypnosis brings the hypnosis subject’s  focus to such a laser point so that the instructions given by the hypnotist become a very profound and powerful experience.  Just enough to convince the mind that it’s true.

How To Stop Smoking WITHOUT Hypnosis

Yes, I’m talking myself out of a lot of money but here goes!

If you want to quit smoking without hypnosis simply stop believing that you are a smoker. Replace it with the belief  “I’m a non-smoker.”

If you still  find that you are smoking then you have not made “I’m a non-smoker” believable enough.  Keep at it.


Yes, quitting smoking IS that simple.  But “simple” doesn’t mean “easy” for most people.  That is where hypnosis can be of real help.

If you find that you are still smoking, send us a  message to New Hampshire Hypnosis to set up your no-cost consultation.

Quitting Smoking Can Reduce Anxiety

Quitting Smoking Reduces AnxietyQuitting smoking reduces anxiety, especially among those who mainly smoke to “cope” with life, according to new research from Oxford and Cambridge Universities and Kings College London.

“The belief that smoking is stress relieving is pervasive, but almost certainly wrong. The reverse is true: smoking is probably anxiogenic (causes anxiety) and smokers deserve to know this and understand how their own experience may be misleading,” said the researchers.

For the study, researchers followed 491 smokers who were enrolled in U.K.’s National Health Service smoking cessation clinics throughout England.

They had all received nicotine patches and were attending weekly appointments. Overall, 106 (21.6 percent) of the participants had been diagnosed with mental health problems before they tried quitting smoking — mostly anxiety and mood disorders.

At the beginning of the study, participants were assessed for their anxiety levels. They were also asked their reason for smoking: mainly pleasure, mainly to cope, or about equal.

Sixty-eight (24 percent) of the participants were still smoke-free six months later. Ten of these had a current psychiatric disorder.

According to the results, those who were able to quit smoking showed lower levels of anxiety. The decrease in anxiety was especially notable among the ex-smokers who used smoking “to cope,” compared to those who smoked “for pleasure.”

Among participants who started smoking again, pleasure smokers reported no change in anxiety levels after relapsing. However, those who smoked “to cope,” as well as those with a diagnosed mental health disorder showed an increase in anxiety.

Participants who smoked to cope were far more likely to have a cigarette first thing in the morning. The researchers say this behavior aims to “stave off withdrawal symptoms, including anxiety.” If they managed to quit smoking, these repeated episodes of anxiety eventually lifted and they felt less anxious.

“In summary, stopping smoking probably reduces anxiety and the effect is probably larger in those who have a psychiatric disorder and who smoke to cope with stress. A failed quit attempt may well increase anxiety to a modest degree, but perhaps to a clinically relevant degree in people with a psychiatric disorder and those who report smoking to cope,” said the researchers.

“Clinicians should reassure patients that stopping smoking is beneficial for their mental health, but they may need to monitor for clinically relevant increases in anxiety among people who fail to attain abstinence.”

Source:  British Journal of Psychiatry

Trance vs. Hypnosis

Trance VS Hypnotherapy

What is the Difference between Trance and Hypnosis?

Much to my amazement most well trained hypnotists make no real distinction between trance and hypnosis.  They will use the two words interchangeably.  To understand how hypnosis works it’s important to know the difference.

Starting Point

While Trance and Hypnosis are different it’s also important to emphasize that they are both very useful. A lot can be done to help people with trance and hypnosis and a lot more can be done when the two are incorporated to work together.


Trance is a unique mental state that we experience all the time in one form or another.  Trance is highly focused and has  thoughts, emotions and imagination all working together to create a meaningful experience.   When a person is experiencing trance a LOT of things can change.  The trance itself will support what people want to do and achieve.  Many people will say that it’s like being coached and encourages just before a big event – you feel unstoppable in that trance.

The downside of trance is that when you are not experiencing the trance the benefits of it can be hard to find.  As a result people work to bring the trance back.  They can do it through affirmations, meditation or repeated visits to their hypnotist.

Given enough time and effort trance can make significant changes in a persons life.

In psychological terms in trance your are “associated” in experience. Meaning you know that you are in the trance and you can evaluate what you are experiencing.  If the hypnotist instructs you to believe in trance “you are non-smoker” then in the trance it’s true and you know it. But, in trance, you can evaluate the instruction and quite possibly reject it.


Hypnosis is a different sort of beasty that trance.

When you are in a “trance” you can evaluate what you are experiencing and know that it’s happening within your mind.  Hypnosis differs from trance in that what you experience in hypnosis is “real”.  It cannot be evaluated as “just a part of the imagination”.  Hypnosis is as different from trance as riding a roller coaster is different from imagining riding a roller coaster.

In hypnosis (as opposed to trance) what the hypnotist says goes past any ability to analyze, evaluate or reject.  For every practical reason what the hypnotist say is true, real and unarguable.

You, The Hypnosis Client

What does all this mean to you, the hypnosis client.

First, it means that you are in much better hands when you choose a hypnotist who knows the difference between trance and hypnosis and who can tell the difference during the hypnosis session. Remember, most hypnotists don’t know the difference.

It also means that you can still use trance to help you achieve your goals. These would likely be in the form of affirmations, meditations, positive reinforcement audios, etc. If the hypnosis session truly employed hypnosis successfully these trance aids wouldn’t be necessary but they won’t hurt your outcome. If you want more information on hypnosis or want to schedule an evaluation you can give a call or send an email here.


How can Hypnosis help me to Quit Smoking?

Quit-smoking2Quitting smoking

Smoking can be a dangerous and even deadly habit. But quitting as most have found, can be a daunting task. Maybe you’ve already tired nicotine lozenges, patches, chewing gum, counseling, and other smoking cessation methods but been unsuccessful? Many are turning to hypnosis for relief from smoking addiction.

Can hypnotherapy help me to quit smoking?

Yes, it absolutely can and it only requires one session. The end of your smoking addiction has less to do with willpower and more to do with a more correct way of thinking. Hypnosis can condition you to overcome the metal and physical factors that have been preventing you from quitting. You will learn how to let go of your desire to smoke and perhaps more importantly how to maintain your success. During the process of hypnotherapy, patients are coaxed into a relaxed state and then provided with a series of skills for coping with withdrawal symptoms and the urge to smoke. You can start being empowered today and overcome your addictions with the help of hypnosis. It’s that simple.

Is it too late for me to consider quitting smoking?

It’s never too late to quit smoking. When you quit smoking, you will experience immediate health benefits Studies have shown if you quit smoking before you turn 50, you’ll reduce  the risk of dying in the next 15 years in half, compared to those who keep smoking.

The benefits are endless

You can:

  • Save up to $240 USD a month
  • Regain lost productivity
  • Start smelling good again
  • Stop sitting outside Restaurants
  • Travel on long plane rides
  • No more chronic cough

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