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The Simplest and Easiest Stop Smoking Method EVER – and it’s free!!!

smoking-nuns260x185Let me be clear, this is an experiment and if you’re a smoker who wants to quit smoking you’re invited to take part.

This idea came about by asking myself “What is the very smallest change someone could do that would lead to them quitting smoking?

It’s pretty simple actually, mindlessly simple! But there are some rules you have to follow. Simple rules … very simple rules.

Here they are:

1) Every day, at least once a day, say with meaning the words “I’m a non-smoker.” You don’t have to say it to anyone but yourself. In front of a mirror is good. Once a day is enough.

2) Say it as though you really mean it.

3) Vow to say those words with meaning at least once a day for the rest of your life.

4) You are FORBIDDEN to feel guilty about smoking. If you decide to smoke, then smoke. It’s your decision.


You are under NO obligation to stop smoking or to change your smoking habit in ANY way.  When you decide to smoke a cigarette smoke it.

….and everyday you are going to say “I’m a non-smoker” with meaning.

If  you decide to not have a cigarette, fine.

….and everyday you are going to say “I’m a non-smoker” with meaning.

If you decide to try something to quit smoking, like the gum, cold turkey or The Patch, GREAT give it your very best.

….and everyday you are going to say “I’m a non-smoker” with meaning.

If you decide to use hypnosis to stop smoking, GREAT! I’ll be happy to help you.

….and everyday you are going to say “I’m a non-smoker” with meaning.

And if at some point you decide to never pick up a cigarette again, Wonderful!

….and everyday you are going to say “I’m a non-smoker” with meaning.

The Theory

The reason this works is that you are subtly forcing yourself to see yourself as a non-smoker.

Of course it could take some time … that’s okay!  There is no pressure on you to stop smoking. You can smoke as little or as much as you want. By say “I’m a non-smoker” everyday with meaning you are nudging your subconscious mind to see yourself in a whole new way.

Because you know that everyday you’re going to say “I’m a non-smoker” that you may find you can delay or avoid a cigarette more easily. And when you want to smoke you still can. You are also creating an opportunity to think about HOW you might become that non-smoker.

There is no time limit for when you’ll quit. It might take a week or a month or 10 years. The time doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you KNOW you’re going to be saying those words everyday… no matter what.

Of course, I want to hear your results. The instructions are pretty simple but if you have any questions let me know.


David Barron  (603) 589-8033

Understanding and overcoming your Fear of flying

Fear of flightFlying is Voluntary

When I am approached by clients with a fear of flying, initially I simply tell them, “that’s simple, don’t fly…  Problem solved, what else can I do for you?  Oh and, don’t worry, except in the case of Con-Air, no one is ever forced on an airplane.”

Of course they quickly respond back that there are strong reasons which compel them to fly despite the discomfort.  Those reasons might include work, the desire to go on vacation or visit family in destinations not easily reached without air travel, etc.

Defeating F.E.A.R. (False Expectations Appearing Real) Be Free!

Without knowing it, by self-assessing the benefit that comes from flying to be more important than the fear, the person has already begun the process of re-gaining control.   Our little exchange has caused them to become aware of feelings that are keeping them from enjoying life, which includes flying comfortably.  They realize they want to fly because flying would provide a person important benefits.

By simply seeking help for the issue which makes them feel out of control, they have made a baby-step in the direction of being able to fly comfortably.  In essence they have said, “OK, I’ve been living with this F.E.A.R. (False Expectations Appearing Real) but I’m not taking it anymore, I want those benefits!”

How a Hypnotist Can Help

By consulting a Hypnotist for worries and concerns or dreads, such the fearful flying experience, you are selecting a professional who has spent much time studying how to help a person let go of such self-limiting beliefs. After using hypnosis, evaluating the risk involving flying correctly and appropriately becomes as easy as one would evaluate the risk of being driven in a car.

Without hypnosis the apprehensions remain even though the person would not have difficulty being driven in new stretch limousine by a highly trained professional driver.  A much more risky activity statistically, I might add.

How Your Mind Learns and Holds on to Patterns – A Demonstration

To show in a practical way, how our subconscious mind locks onto patterns and habits, let me ask you to clasp your hands together.  Notice the position of your thumbs.  You may put your left thumb over the right or vice-versa.  This would be an example of a habit which does not really matter as there is no right or wrong way.  You probably learned that way of doing it as a baby and relate to the happy feeling of that experience.  Switch your hands around and do it the other way and it “just feels wrong. ”   No amount of conscious effort on your part will change that “wrong feeling. ”

Regain Control Today, Fly Fearlessly!

Your Hypnotist knows how to help you make the change in your perceptions and behavior when a common activity such as Air Travel, “just feels wrong!”  Imagine a life where you are in control and you feel “comfortable”, in all situations.

How Does Hypnosis Help For Quitting Smoking?

People often ask me how hypnosis works to quit smoking.bigstock-man-hand-crushing-a-packet-of-16379711-600x300[1]

There are a lot of ways I could answer that including going into what hypnosis is and isn’t but the simplest answer I can give is to tell them it’s a trick.

Stopping smoking with hypnosis is a very interesting trick that you do with your mind.  The “trick” is to change specific beliefs and understandings about yourself and smoking.

The Belief “I am a smoker”

You never hear someone say “I’m a smoker trapped in a non-smoker’s body” because becoming a “smoker” only happens after the smoking habit is well in place.

When a person says “I’m a smoker and I want to quit” they are saying at the level of “Identity” (i.e. who they think they are) that they see themselves as a smoker.  This belief was created after they smoked tobacco for a while.  So in their mind the belief of who they are (a smoker) is the result of their smoking.

For them  becoming a non-smoker happens only after they have demonstrated non-smoking behaviors.  So, it’s only after enough time passes without smoking behaviors that they will agree they are non-smoker.

What most people don’t realize is that they can become a non-smoker by changing their belief first.

The Quick SolutionCrushing-cigarettes[1]

If a smoker simply changes their belief in themselves to “I’m a non-smoker” their behavior would change.  It would happen the instant their belief changed.  So all a person has to do to stop smoking is to sincerely believe they are non-smoker.

Easier said than done.

The Problem

Unfortunately, a simple solution isn’t always an easy solution.   The problem is that most people don’t know how to alter their beliefs.

I have met people who realize their problem lies solely on their belief  of  “I’m a smoker” and just decided to change it.  They instantly quit smoking,  no longer craved cigarettes and had no tobacco withdraws …. all without hypnosis.

Again, all they did is decide to become a non-smoker and believe without hesitation or doubt.

The “trick” requires that you focus so much on the new belief  “I’m a non-smoker” that it becomes true,  real and unquestionable.

Not all of us have that skill because we tend to quickly find exceptions to our any belief that challenge us.

How Hypnosis Helps

Hypnosis helps by creating a powerful and convincing experience that makes is easy to believe “I’m a non-smoker”.  This powerful experience is in the mind of the hypnosis subject but is profound enough for them to convince themselves that they no longer smoke or have desires to smoke.  The result is the hypnosis subject accepts without doubt that they are  real life non-smoker.

Hypnosis brings the hypnosis subject’s  focus to such a laser point so that the instructions given by the hypnotist become a very profound and powerful experience.  Just enough to convince the mind that it’s true.

How To Stop Smoking WITHOUT Hypnosis

Yes, I’m talking myself out of a lot of money but here goes!

If you want to quit smoking without hypnosis simply stop believing that you are a smoker. Replace it with the belief  “I’m a non-smoker.”

If you still  find that you are smoking then you have not made “I’m a non-smoker” believable enough.  Keep at it.


Yes, quitting smoking IS that simple.  But “simple” doesn’t mean “easy” for most people.  That is where hypnosis can be of real help.

If you find that you are still smoking, send us a  message to New Hampshire Hypnosis to set up your no-cost consultation.

Stressed Out? Hypnotize It Away!

Stress is an undeniably negative attribute, contributing to health problems ranging from sleeplessness to irritability and even addiction to harmful substances as a coping mechanism. Some people, even under extreme stress, do not respond to chemical solutions such as medication and are left without an outlet. For these individuals, hypnosis has been proving to be a unique and beneficial approach to eliminating stressful reactions. After only a few sessions, hypnosis patients begin to feel a less intense reaction to stressful stimuli as the coping tools they’ve been given by their hypnotherapist automatically engage in response. This emotional control also delivers a “ripple” effect that carries positive benefits into life situations beyond the stressful situation.

Image used under Creative Commons Image License (

Relationship Strength

When an individual is faced with a stressor that he or she cannot deal with directly, such as a nagging boss, they tend to internalize it to release the stress in a more suitable environment. Unfortunately, this burden often falls to significant others or family members, as they are most likely to come into extended contact with the stress carrier. With hypnosis-enhanced ability to process, minimize, and eventually eliminate stress in an acceptable way as it happens or shortly afterwards, none of that negative momentum exists to be carried home and inflicted on those that don’t deserve it. Married or partnered hypnosis patients will enjoy fewer fights and a stronger connection as less and less stress is brought home.

Job Performance

The wrong word at the wrong time, whether from a manager or a disgruntled customer, can completely ruin both work ethic and momentum for the rest of the day. With the extra support of hypnosis treatment for stress, these daily realities of working life can be brushed off as “blips on the radar” and minimized to prevent disruption. Hypnosis promotes a sense of inner peace and strength for dealing with stressful issues without losing sight of the proverbial horizon – an invaluable pair of attributes for those in demanding lines of employment.

Healthy Mind and Body

The use of hypnosis therapy to relieve stress can reduce the effect of several sympathetic body systems that kick on in response to stress. When confronted with a stressing situation, the blood pressure rises and adrenaline floods into the body to give it the ability to fight or flee – neither of which are options in situations such as workplace disagreements. The result of these reactions is an uncomfortably fast heart rate, tight muscles, flushed skin, and a nervous, twitchy feeling that can linger for hours. Hypnotherapy for stress educates the body as much as the mind, helping patients learn to control their physical reactions to stress to prevent these unpleasant triggers from happening.

Control stress and stop letting it control you. Schedule a hypnosis consultation today and start learning how to use tools like breathing exercises and visualizations to conquer stress with the power of your own mind. You’ll be happier, healthier, and more productive with every session – call now and take your life back!

Block Writer’s Block with Hypnosis

For professional writers, the thread of creativity – whether it’s called the muse, inspiration, or simply work ethic – is what puts food on the table and keeps a roof overhead. The largest professional hazard that looms in wait is undoubtedly writer’s block, which can strike at any time but typically comes in the middle of big, important projects.  While short occurrences of writer’s block are common, persistent episodes can sidetrack a novel, take away the “spark” that makes good writing worth reading, and in extreme cases cause a writer to lose his or her job. Hypnotherapy uses the source of the issue, the brain, to help overcome persistent writer’s block and pave the way for smooth, consistent writing.  Depending on the individual needs of the client, a hypnosis professional can use several methods of defeating writer’s block and encouraging more free thinking for inspiration during writing sessions.


There are a variety of risk factors when it comes to writer’s block, not the least of which is simply “burning out.” Students are especially prone to this eventuality, as paper after paper crosses their desk and thesis requirements start piling up each semester. A professional hypnosis expert can alleviate the boredom and repetition that saps creativity and replace it with a fresh outlook that is more conducive to compelling writing. Through guided imagery, a hypnotherapist can verbally construct a writer’s block that enables students to see and tackle the issue with their own strength, emerging from this battle of the mind with a sense of triumph and a proverbial pen ready to write. Increasing numbers of grants and scholarship are relying heavily on an application essay, which means that writer’s block hypnosis therapy can literally help students save thousands of dollars each year in addition to regular assignments.

Professional writers work in an extremely competitive market, and as traditional jobs become harder to find, freelance writers are on the rise. Even competent writers quickly discover the need to stand out from the pack, but brushing up writing creativity late in life is challenging. Through regular hypnosis sessions, a would-be freelancer learns to overcome the obstacles that litter the path to freelancing success and put firmly put their persistent writer’s block aside. Whether entering the market for the first time or returning after a long hiatus, professional writers that use hypnosis as a personal development tool inevitably thrive while their competition struggles to keep their writing fresh and current.

Novelists deal with unique stresses in the writing world, as their expectations don’t end after a page or two but continue for dozens of chapters. Creativity and inspiration aren’t simply style considerations for them, but a vital component to producing work. As novelists are typically self-employed, they lack the interaction and feedback of co-workers and clients, making them exceptionally prone to writer’s block. As smart a career investment as a high-tech laptop or speech-to-text software, no prolific novelist should be without a hypnotherapist on speed dial when it comes time for the next installment of their series.

No matter what writing results are desired, writer’s block stands to throw a wrench in the works. Keep mental gears clear with a hypnosis therapy session today – writers that add this tool to their pre-writing preparations stand to experience inspiration like never before.

You’re Not Alone: Hypnosis and Abandonment Issues

Abandonment is a very real fear for many, manifesting in a variety of extremely self-destructive ways. An adult that has never properly dealt with their fears of abandonment often subconsciously grapples with that fear by attempting to control loved ones, leading to the damage or destruction of important relationships. The fear of abandonment typically appears due to a childhood incident or a recent loss, such as that of a parent or partner. Thankfully, even deeply embedded abandonment anxiety can be gently examined and neutralized under the care of a skilled hypnotherapist.

Using a combination of mental relaxation techniques, guided meditation, and suggesting, the therapist can help bring suppressed memories to light, giving the patient a clearer view of where the problem started so that they can work towards a solution. Especially effective when used in conjunction with a talk therapist or psychologist, the knowledge of the abandonment issue gleaned from hypnosis treatment is often incorporated into an overall treatment plan to help the patient in question. Continually referring to and reflecting on current issues can be viewed as a bandage for the deep wounds of abandonment – effective in the short term, but sooner or later the problem will resurface and begin to poison relationships again. Hypnosis treatment for abandonment helps to heal the wound permanently, eliminating the need for frequent “patching” by therapists.

In addition to improving the quality of life for an individual, examining and healing the original abandonment issue is a huge step towards ending negative behaviors like emotional smothering, rigid control, and paranoia. Loved ones, spouses, and even children are forced to deal with these as the abandonment-fearing individual acts out, greatly affecting their ability to connect and love. In fact, if abandonment-linked negative behaviors are left untreated, these damaging reactions can even develop and spread through social circles to take the harmful impact well beyond the original source. Hypnosis, with its gentle and non-medicinal approach, is an excellent way for skittish patients to start the path to healing abandonment issues in a non-confrontational way.

When a hypnosis patient makes the life-affirming choice to start putting their abandonment fears behind them, they gain a better, stronger perspective on what healthy relationships should be. Once the veil of abandonment fear has been lifted through hypnosis, the harmful aspects of current or past relationships are more clearly revealed, enabling the patient to make better socialization choices for their partners, friends, and themselves.

If the constant fear of friends or loved ones leaving you is holding you back from living your life with a healthy outlook, it’s time to get to the bottom of your fears. Use hypnosis therapy to overcome abandonment issues today and experience freedom from abandonment anxiety in your life. While the fears will leave, the strength you gain in your hypnosis sessions will remain, ensuring that you’ll never feel alone when it comes to personal mental support.  Call today and book your session – a new, fearless world of love and anxiety-free relationships is waiting.

Hypnotherapy: Myth and Fact

For some, hypnosis is an exotic and unfamiliar solution to common problems, making them a little hesitant to embrace it as a form of treatment. However, much like chiropractic medicine, massage, and acupuncture, hypnosis is emerging as a viable alternative treatment that sidesteps expensive medications and invasive tests yet still delivers results that improve the patient’s overall quality of life. If you’ve been on the fence about exploring hypnosis therapy, debunking a few persistent myths may give you some peace of mind and encourage you to use hypnosis to alleviate your own life’s struggles:

Creative Commons image courtesy of


A Different Feather, Altogether

Hypnosis therapy is not “stage” hypnosis. The most persistent image of hypnosis among those who aren’t currently receiving hypnosis therapy is that of the Vegas showman, turning unsuspecting audience members into mental chickens with a snap. This is not only unrealistic, it’s patently untrue – hypnosis cannot “make” someone do something that they don’t want to intrinsically do. Hypnosis is simply used as a tool to strengthen self-resolve and overcome obstacles in an individual’s mind.  Hypnosis therapists are as respectful of patient needs and boundaries as any other professional, and offer ethical treatment for real issues – not poultry-related smoke and mirrors.

A Partnership for Success

Hypnosis will not automatically solve problems like compulsive eating and cigarette smoking. Like any course of treatment, success is achieved through a combination of consistently scheduled sessions, avoiding triggering situations or temptations, and personal will to leave the destructive behavior behind. It is very important to have a realistic goal in mind when undertaking hypnosis, especially for the first few sessions. If you have questions or concerns about the tone of your sessions or perceived effects, feel free to discuss them with your hypnosis professional. They will adjust their style or schedule you for more sessions accordingly in order to ensure your comfort and confidence.

A Component of a Plan

For certain deeply embedded behaviors and fears, hypnosis should be considered a component of a treatment plan and not the entire plan in itself. Those with a pronounced fear of busy places and crowds, for instance, will definitely benefit from hypnosis therapy, but may receive an additional benefit from an as-needed anti-anxiety pill as well. When deciding how to tackle a substance abuse or mental issue, you should always follow the advice of all the professionals involved in your treatment plan, including your medical doctor and hypnotherapist. After all, these men and women all have the same goal in mind – a stronger, healthier outlook for your life.

Now that you’ve gotten to see a little more information about what hypnosis therapy is and isn’t, you’ll be better prepared for your first sessions with a professional. Once you try hypnosis for yourself, you’ll see that words have power, and hypnosis supercharges them in order to make a very real difference in your battle with addictive or destructive behaviors. The first step towards defeating the mental issues and fears that are holding you back is to pick up the phone and make an appointment. Breathe easier, feel happier, and discover a better version of the person you are today through hypnosis.