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What is New With New Hampshire Hypnosis? – March 2017

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Over the past year I’ve done some serious reflection on how to better serve my hypnosis clients.

I started with a very simple motto “One result in one session” and indeed I can consistently get amazing results in one session. What I’m always looking for is improving my clients lives beyond the original change they wanted.

For that reason and many more every one of my clients gets a three session minimum. What I’ve seen from this small change in amazing. Not only do three session help reinforce the change, they help generalize the change in all aspects of their lives. So, in other words, they stop smoking (or lose weight or get rid of anxiety) AND they start feeling more confident, stand taller and generally start living a much healthier way of life.

One client said she noticed her relationships with family members improved.

Understand I don’t intentionally suggest those improvements, they tend to happen on their own when clients get the reinforcement from more than one session.

Another benefit is that three sessions allows for enough follow up to help fine tune any changes the client needs for success. Because the client has multiple sessions the comfort level is greater each time and each following session is easier, more enjoyable and gets a bigger “Wow!” than the last.

What’s changed with New Hampshire Hypnosis is now I ask every client to commit on three sessions. Most people WILL get the result they want the first session, it’s true, but they will get SO MUCH MORE with the following two sessions.

I’m eager to explain this in more detail. You’re welcome to call my office at (603)589-8033.

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