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Hypnotizing People In Airports

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The name tag I wore while traveling.

The title “Hypnotizing People In Airports” isn’t about how facinating airport traveler are.

It’s about how I do hypnosis on people IN AN AIRPORT!

As I was traveling over the holidays I decided to wear my name tag that says “My Name Is David. I’ll be your HYPNOTIST”. It was a social experiment just to see how people would react.

On a layover in Detroit I went to the Coney Island burger joint to eat. The waitress, Monica, asked about my name tag and immediately wanted to know if I could help her become a non-smoker.

That was all I needed.

In about 15 minutes she quite easily proclaimed herself a non-smoker.

Monica even reviewed me on yelp.com!
Here’s the link.

I did this all for free… in the spirit of giving!!!!

I’m Wishing you a WONDERFUL 2016!


David Barron

PS, I don’t know how to contact Monical so if you happen to know Monica, who works at Coney Island restaurant in the Detroit airport, tell her I said hello!

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