Overcome Fears With Hypnosis


We all experience occasional fears in our life. It’s a natural survival instinct that can propel our actions and alert us to potential danger. But when a certain fear becomes a constant obsession that limits your activities or enjoyment, you need to seek professional help.

Most individuals develop their fears during childhood, although it’s possible to develop certain fears as an adult too. Some childhood fears become aggravated over time and can progress later in life. People often believe their fear cannot be diminished and the stress that’s brought on by their fear seems to be impossible for them to face. Hypnosis can help you relieve your fears!

Hypnosis for Public Speaking

Do you struggle with a fear of public speaking? Most people have a healthy fear of speaking in front of others, but when this fear becomes debilitating it can ruin your life. Hypnosis can help you overcome this fear and give you the confidence you need to speak in public!

A fear of public speaking or stage fright, responds extremely well to hypnosis. We can help both adult individuals as well as school-aged children overcome this common fear by replacing negative thoughts with positive results. With the use of hypnosis, we can help you:

  • Gain confidence to speak-up during class or a board meeting
  • Relax and feel safe while giving an oral presentation
  • Effectively communicate your message by releasing your natural speaking style

Let our trained hypnotist help you reach your full potential and release the fear of public speaking!


Medical or Dental


Most people cringe when they hear the words “dentist” or “surgery”. We automatically envision loud, strange-looking tools that make us feel uncomfortable and for some people, it creates a fearful emotion. In fact, one in five people are physically afraid to go to the dentist. We can help!

Your mind has become trained to associate certain situations or activities with either a real or imagined sense of danger. Our fears manifest with our internal defense system that makes us respond with a “flight or fright” reaction. Hypnosis can help you replace your fear of dentist or doctors with a more positive emotion.

Hospitals and surgical procedures are filled with unfamiliar experiences that can make you feel uneasy. Don’t let your fear of doctors jeopardize your health! Let us put your mind at ease and give you the confidence you need to overcome any fear of surgical procedures!

Hypnosis Helps Your Fear of Flying

Are you afraid to let your feet leave the ground and take flight? Maybe your fear of flying has resulted from a negative experience? Whatever the reason, we can help!

There are numerous reasons why people experience a fear of flying, which can include:

  • Take off
  • Weather
  • Turbulence
  • Flying over water
  • Fear of heights
  • Claustrophobia
  • Losing control
  • Terrorist attack
  • And much more

Most people that are afraid of flying just need a little extra help with reassurance, education, and guidance. Our hypnotist will help you understand what to expect when flying and feel relaxed about the experience. In fact, our practice has successfully helped people that have never flown before, as well as experienced passengers, cabin crew, air crew, and even airline pilots. Hypnosis will effectively change the direction of your thoughts anytime you may experience a fear of flying. Contact us today!


Hypnosis Helps Social Anxiety

hypnosis helps social anxiety

Does your anxiety prevent you from enjoying daily routines or your social life? Stop suffering and start enjoying life with the use of hypnosis!

If you suffer from social anxiety disorder, you probably find it hard to have a romantic relationship or allow yourself to get close to anyone. This type of social behavior usually stems from a childhood experience that carries over into your adult life and prevents you from enjoying social situations. Hypnosis for anxiety is a highly effective tool that has helped thousands of people just like you.

Our certified hypnotist will resolve your behavior and exchange the fear of social events into a fun and relaxing occurrence. When used sensibly, hypnosis for anxiety can even help you feel safe in certain situations you may have been avoiding your entire life. Let us help you replace your anxiety for deep relaxation and confidence!

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