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Are you looking for alternative ways to deal with pain?

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain every day. Pain medication is typically a narcotic substance and can cause a nasty addiction and over time people develop a tolerance to pain medicine. Looking for alternatives to pain management, many have turned to hypnosis for pain relief. We always advise people to work with us in conjunction of your physician and often time we receive referrals from medical professionals.

It can be infuriating to pain sufferers when they are told things like “the pain is all in your head”, but in reality, there is a wealth of truth in this accusation. Studies regarding brain Imaging have begun to demonstrate the powerful effects of hypnotic suggestion on brain activity. These studies have proven that a hypnosis practitioner can use hypnosis to target specific parts of the brain, specifically those that influence pain. Hypnosis is a technique designed to enhance concentration and minimize ones distractions. In a hypnotic state or a trance, a person’s concentration is heightened and more responsive to positive suggestions.

research-2Hypnotist work with medical professionals

 Hypnosis when combined with other treatments is extremely effective. Hypnosis has even been used as a type of anesthesia when performed before a surgical procedure. We work with chronic and acute pain as diagnosed by a medical professional. If you are struggling with pain, you don’t have to any longer. Our hypnotists have a long history helping people overcome obstacles in their lives.


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