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Imagine the anticipation as people start filing in the room and taking their seat, you have the keynote speaking slot and people are ready to hear your ideas.  As the time presses on, you feel your mouth becoming dry, your hands are sweating and your heart is pounding so hard you fear it might break out of your rib cage.  Don’t worry, you are not alone. You are experiencing glossophobia or fear of public speaking.

speakingFace your fears with hypnosis

Let’s face it, you’ll either spend your life running from your problems or you’ll choose to boldly face them. If you want to have a future in the professional world where you are compensated for your expertise, you are probably going to have to speak in public on occasion.

Really it’s all about preconditioning. Studies show “feelings of arousal” like sweaty palms that are viewed commonly as negative behaviors, can be turned into tools that help with acute stress.  Hypnosis works with the subconscious mind to reason with the brain and change your way of thinking from looking at public speaking as something that you would be safer running from than facing head on.  We set up positive suggestions that will reinforce the training you receive through hypnotherapy.


  • When asked to speak publicly, you will not have any adverse feelings toward it.
  • You will feel confident presenting to your coworkers and even strangers as you would with your own family.
  • Your fears associated with public speaking won’t manifest themselves, again.

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