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The people helped by New Hampshire Hypnosis are men and women from every background imaginable: students, police officers, parents, athletes, sales people … people just like you!

Smoking Cessation

“After 20 years … I haven’t had the urge to smoke!”


 I am now a NON smoker!!!  Smoked for 20 years… Have tried to get hypnotized in the past and it didn’t work. Went to see David. Made me feel so comfortable and after 1 visit I am now a NON smoker!!! I had no cravings and have not wanted a cigarette in over 35 days. I recommend him to anyone…. David is the best and I thank him for making me healthier!!!!!

Stop Late Night Eating

“I couldn’t be happier!”


Another Non-Smoker!

“After 37 years … I am a non-smoke!”



Weight Loss

“I have no cravings for sugary foods… I’m very happy with my results!”

Two months after her first session Sara emailed me this:

I thought you might be curious on how successful your hypnosis session with me has been. So far, I still have not eaten any sugary foods. No cake, cookies, ice cream or candy. I’ve only lost a few pounds, but I have not substituted the sugary foods for anything else. I expect over a years time I should lose 10-20 pounds. – Sara B.




“I now have a much better life!”




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