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What can Hypnotherapy do for you?

Hypnosis has a long history success with weight lossstopping smoking and anxiety but it can be used for other things as well such as sports performance, phobia cure and memory retention. The focus of your hypnosis session is to give you greater flexibility and freedom in how you respond to the world.

The more freedom you have the better choices and decisions about how your responses to stress. In the past you may have responded with smoking, eating or simply with anger. Your hypnosis session is designed to give you a healthy and constructive response that happens at a sub-conscious level. That means is happens automatically, instantly  without having to think about it.

[hr][/hr] [box_info]It’s important to know what you can expect during your hypnosis session.[/box_info]

The length of a session is one hour and consists of  a quick assessment of the change you want to make.  You will explain what you want changed and this will continue until we have something, a habit or behavior, that can be changed in a specific and measurable way. Your hypnosis session will follow.

While an hour is set aside sometimes the change can happen in just a few minutes.  Remember you’ve not paying for the hour, you are buying a result that YOU desire.

I’m occasionally asked if the hypnosis wears off. Understand, that hypnosis works by setting up subconscious “nudges” that help you make better choices.  Those nudges will continue as long as you allow them to motivate and encourage you. If you intentionally ignore these subconscious nudges, like deciding to smoke again just because people around you are, or snack just because it’s handy, your subconscious mind will decide you don’t need them.

The message is clear, once the hypnosis is complete all you have to do is pay attention to the new information your subconscious mind is telling you. The change you want isn’t difficult.  For many people there is no effort at all.

Yes, I guarantee my results.


Let me better explain my guarantee. I’ll use stopping smoking as an example.

If, at the end of the session, the client does not agree they are a non-smoker they can get their money back or we do more work. That is my guarantee. That includes having no interest in cigarettes and being unable to create even a craving for a cigarette. Is it possible for them to start smoking again? Of course, if they force themselves to ignore the “nudges” set up in the subconscious mind it will become clear that they didn’t take the non-smoking instructions seriously. That is out of my hands.

There are people who start smoking again NOT because they want to smoke (they seldom do) but because they want to see if the hypnosis really works. Given enough practice they can start smoking again. I warn them that I will work with them again but they have to be responsible and not test something that works by trying to break it.

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