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Hypnotic Memory Training is a three day long mental training that helps your mind organized everything you have learned so it is easily retrievable when you need it most.

People who have gone through Hypnotic Memory Training training have learned languages in a matter of 30 days.

Hypnotic Memory Training is incredibly effective because it creates a subconscious mental process to store and retrieve the information you want to learn. It is much more than just a memory (mnemonic) system. The typical mnemonic system requires a conscious intent to set something into memory. in other words, you have to think to yourself “I’ve should learn this” and then use the mnemonic system you’ve learned. Hypnotic Memory Training automatically sorts everything you learn without a conscious thought directing the learning.

The fact is that when most of us learn something it does get stored in our mind but we don’t have a system to bring it back. We resort to tiresome drills and repetitive memorization. There are MUCH better ways to learn.

In fact, using Hypnotic Memory Training you will learn what you want to learn automatically because learning won’t require work. Learning will become a subconscious process and as easy to do as driving a car (probably easier).

Once you’ve gone through Hypnotic Memory Training process anything you want to learn you learn and it happens in the very moment you decide to learn it.

What does this mean to you?

logo-bulletIt means no cramming for tests and still getting a 4.0 GPA.

logo-bullet It means the freedom to travel and talk in a native language.

logo-bullet It means playing a musical instrument with skill in less than a month.
logo-bullet It means being the leader in your expertise because you are informed on everything in your field.
logo-bullet It means remembering people names and faces the first time.
logo-bullet It means never being afraid of learning a new skill.
logo-bullet It means a level of confidence that you’ve never before experienced.
logo-bullet It means a higher level of success in any area you chose.
logo-bullet It means more than you can imagine.

Hypnotic Memory Training is much more than a memory system. It is a way of organizing your mind and thoughts.

Who is “The Learning Place” For?

Hypnotic Memory Training is for anyone who can benefit by having a MUCH sharper memory. That means Hypnotic Memory Training will benefit:

logo-bulletStudents <= Duh!
logo-bulletMilitary Officers
logo-bulletHigh Achievers
logo-bulletLife long learners
logo-bulletBusiness Owners


The truth is Hypnotic Memory Training will have a direct benefit to anyone who learns it …. and it lasts A LIFE TIME!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Who’s teaching it?
A: That would be me, David Barron. I take only ONE PERSON AT A TIME. This is NOT a group instruction.

Q: Will there be a manual or CD to use at home?
A: No. At the end of The Learning Place you will have a “structure” created in your mind that will help you learn and information you want and recall it easily. You will have that with you all the time. No manual or CD required.

Q: Will I be hypnotized for this training?
A: Oh yes! Imagine being in and out of hypnosis 10 to 30 times a day for three days.

Q: Is this all lecture or lecture and exercises or what?
A: It is definitely “or what”.

Q: Why does this take three days?
A: Because even though hypnosis is used to instruct your subconscious mind it must also be trained so it responds automatically. The best way to do that is constant practice both in and out of hypnosis. The shortest amount of time to do that is over three days.

I know this concept can be hard to get because it’s not what a lot of people think of as “a training”. It is you being hypnotized for three days to help you create a learning process that works better than you can imagine. That is what people regularly report, anyway.

Imagine one hypnotist giving you ALL of his attention for three days. It’s intensely focused and you’ll enjoy it.

If you’re seriously considering taking the Learning Place Training you are welcome to contact me and we will see how well you qualify.

Go ahead and read through this web page description again. If you have any questions let me know. As mentioned on the web page, your payment will be held in escrow until you’re accepted through qualification process.

The Details

This training takes place during three consecutive days with your individual instructor(s). Your training involves YOU and your instructor. This is NOT a group class but a one-on-one training.

Application Process

 You MUST be interviewed and approved to be accepted for the Hypnotic Memory Training. If you are not accepted your deposit will be returned.


Manchester, New Hampshire.

I will travel to you to do Hypnotic Memory Training in which case my travel expenses must be added to the cost of the training.


The dates of your training will be negotiated based on your schedule. So we’ll collaborate on the best dates for your training time.


Are you kidding? You’ll learn how to learn ANYTHING in the most thorough and fastest way possible. It’s a skill that will serve you for the remainder of your life.

Before You Apply For Hypnotic Memory Training …..

Of course, you want to learn this skill and make it a part of your life but we are VERY selective about who gets this training. We can only accept and train one person at a time. Your payment will be held in escrow until we’ve spoken with you and you’re accepted as a student. If you are not accepted your payment will be returned in full.

Remember, that for most people Hypnotic Memory Training is their secret weapon and they don’t want anyone to know they’ve taken this training so you should understand that we don’t easily hand out recommendations. If that’s going to stop you from taking the training, I completely understand.

For more information send an email in the form below. Include all your relevant contact information.

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  • Give a description of the the things you want to learn and the areas of your life that The Learning Place will help you.

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