What is it like to be hypnotized?

What is it like to be hypnotized?

What should I expect before being hypnotized?

If you haven’t been hypnotized before you are probably curious about what it’s like.There are a lot of styles of hypnotherapy and every hypnotist has their own goal for what their client is to experience. Many hypnotherapist like to use the word “relax” as part of their hypnosis process. “Relax” isn’t a word I typically use because I’ve found the quality of hypnosis depends on ones ability to focus.  Because of the widely known  positive benefits of hypnosis therapy to overcome the burdens of insomnia and restlessness, some mistakenly think they will be brought to an unconscious state during our induction. On a visit to our office,  our process is centered around helping our clients to overcome these burdens but you shouldn’t expect a nap while you are at our office. Our goal will be to train you while you are conscious. ( That would be an expensive nap and our goal is to fix our clients, not simply induce sleep.)

During the process of hypnosis will I be in control of my freewill?

Yes. You will be completely cognizant of all the suggestions given to you and you will not be compelled to do anything that goes against your core beliefs and personal standards of integrity. The type of hypnotherapy we provide in our facility is a sort of alternative medicine that has been proven to produce results. The way you feel when confronted with situations is actually a learned behavior. Our process is not a stage show. We work with you to establish new self empowering anchors to use when you are confronted with life situations.

Why should you consider hiring a hypnotherapist?

Having practiced hypnosis for several decades and having helped thousands of people take control of their lives, I can testify that my methods are proven and successful.  I will work with you to better understand the process and start changing your life immediately.

I make as certain as possible that every hypnotists is the most pleasant and focused state that they can achieve.  It is not uncommon when a session ends for my clients to say “Wow! That was incredible!”

So, what is it like to be hypnotized?

Simply stated, when you decide to b
hypnosis (1)ecome a hypnosis client with New Hampshire Hypnosis you will find, if you follow the hypnotists instructions exactly, that it is an incredibly focus and pleasurable experience.

There are many practical applications for hypnosis:

  • Fear of Flying
  • Anxiety before a Clinical Procedure
  • Losing Weight
  • Overcoming Fear of Clowns
  • Preparing for Public Speaking
  • Overcoming Addictions
  • Stopping Smoking / Smoking Cessation

Why not try it? You’ve got nothing to lose but a bad habit.   

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