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Change is what you want. You want to quit smoking or stop over eating. Maybe your anxiety is out of control. You’ve come to right place. We regularly work with clients on issues like smoking cessation, weight-loss, stress and anxiety, removing problematic habits and fears as well as many other issues.

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Hypnosis Myths

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What Hypnosis Is…

  • Your Own Self Help
  • Unlearning Bad Traits
  • Fix Problems @ Source
  • No Public Records

What Hypnosis Isn’t…

  • Mind Control
  • Use of Drugs
  • You are Asleep
  • Intrusion Of Privacy

I’ve had some terrible habits in my life but smoking was the hardest to kick. Even though I committed to three hypnosis sessions the first one made the difference. I was a non-smoker from that point on. My car doesn’t stink any more and I feel free. Big thanks.

Viola Sparks ~ Google Review

I really wanted to stop smoking. I’ve been at it for too long and now I have a family that was my real motivation to quit. Yes, hypnosis works. It’s been three weeks since my last cigarette and I have no intention of ever starting up again. Thanks!

Ryan Kuslaka ~ Google Review

I am a stand-up comic and have recently been overcome with serious anxiety while performing. I had considered retiring it got so bad. Because I was on the road the hypnosis was done over Skype.

Thanks to David the joy of doing comedy is back. Even on the days I seem to bomb I take it in stride and always look forward to the next performance. I noticed the results immediately. I would recommend David as a hypnotist to anyone.

Sherman Colms ~ Google Review

I’m so happy to be free of smoking. Thank you so much. I can now breathe so much easier! literally!

Monica Wolfe ~ Google Review
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