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David Barron has been a professional hypnotist since 1998 and has helped over 10,000 clients throughout his career. Quit smoking, weight loss, overcoming stress and anxiety are the focus of his clinical practice. David has written several books on self improvement and hypnosis. You can contact him for you hypnosis session at (603)589-8033.

Hypnosis for Behavior Control – Client Testimonial

We all want more control over our lives. Sometimes it can get so frustrating we ask for help from a hypnotist. Watch this video of one of my clients as she describes the control she gained over eating behaviors. You'll also learn what it's like to experience hypnosis and how you may benefit. If you have any questions call (603)589-8033.

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Hypnosis To Forget a Trauma

Hypnosis To Forget? I've been asked can I use hypnosis to forget a bad memory or trauma? The answer is not completely yes or no. There is a short answer to that questions and a long answer. The Short Answer, Yes. Yes, it is possible to have someone forget a memory or a trauma but it's important to understand that forgetting the trauma is not the same as removing the symptom created by the event. Simply removing the memory of a car accident does not promise to end the fear of driving. Having worked with over 10,000 hypnosis subjects in my career, I know some people respond differently to the being instructed to "forget". Some respond perfectly with no symptoms, for others forgetting may produce a very uncomfortable feeling of confusion. Also, amnesia is one of the more dramatic hypnotic phenomena and can be more challenging for some subjects to create. It's important that hypnosis has an overall positive effect on the subject. This is referred to as being "ecological". I know of one hypnotist who told his client to forget he ever smoked. It was successful but the result was he got into arguments with family members who insisted he used to be a smoker. This is hardly the most ecological result. The Long Answer, It's Complicated. The best outcome to treat a trauma is one in which the subject is free to the symptoms created by the trauma. This does not mean they forget the event. Instead the meaning of the event is changed and as a result the feelings they have toward it changes. What the client notices is they feel differently about the event. They can remember it but no longer feel anxiety, stress or sadness. The event begins to fit into the story of their [...]

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Hypnotic Regression is Sometimes Cruel

Hypnotic Regression is Sometimes Cruel. Some hypnotist believe that results can be achieved when a hypnotist regresses a person to an initial sensitizing event (ISE). An initial sensitizing event is the first time a person originally experienced a trauma. Through hypnosis the hypnosis subject can be led back in time to re-experience the event and reevaluated it with objectivity with an adult awareness. Regression to initial sensitizing events can bring about very dramatic results. There is however a major downside. The downside of regression is bringing the client through a deep and traumatic event. The hypnotist is essentially forcing the client to re-experience the trauma. I warn neophyte hypnotists to be prepared. It is very messy. Most of the time the results are positive, but when it’s is not the hypnotist will only successfully re-traumatized their client. I personally take no pleasure and watching a client, whom I am responsible for, writhing around in the hypnosis chair crying and screaming as they go through their original trauma. Better Options For Changing Habits and Overcoming Anxiety What many hypnosis schools completely fail to mention is that going to an initial sensitizing event is completely unnecessary. In fact, there are many hypnosis schools that accept regression too ISE with dogmatic fervor. For some, to even question to use of regression is to go against scripture. Be cautious if the hypnotist you're working with insists that regression is the only hypnotic solution available. Understand, if hypnosis is making changes to the subconscious mind there's no reason to make those changes through the messy work of regression. This is what distinguishes what you'll experience at New Hampshire Hypnosis from many other hypnosis centers. My mentor, Jeffrey Stephens, was very clear about his opposition to regression to ISE. Having been a hypnotist for over 20 [...]

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How To Find The Best Hypnotist

How to Find The Best Hypnotist I often joke that the only reason people hire a hypnotist is because they can't find "witch doctor" in the business listing.  Most people don't even know what to look for when considering a hypnotist. The best most can do is call around and find out which hypnotist "feels" like the best fit. The best place to start is getting a referral from someone you trust, but not everyone has experience with hypnosis. Here are some things to consider when seeking out a hypnotist. Website Just about every business now days has a website and hypnotists are no different. Keep in mind that every website is designed to give a positive image for the business they represent. To look deeper, see if they have a blog that regularly posts relevant articles. Does the website have a scheduling system online? Do they offer free informational videos and audio downloads? Do you get a "feel" of the type of professional you will be working with? Experience and Training Most hypnotists will be happy to tell you their experience. It's almost a requirement to make their clients feel comfortable. There are a few questions you can ask to better understand the experience level of the hypnotist you're considering. How many years have they worked as a full time hypnotist? Have they worked full time or part time as a hypnotist? Do they have a specialty like quitting smoking, weight loss, habit control, anxiety or phobias? Check out customer reviews. Reviews Check out hypnotists reviews on Google or Yelp. How does the average reviewer rate the hypnotists or hypnosis center? Keeping in mind it's rare to find a business with all positive reviews, are the reviews generally positive? Guarantees What kinds of guarantees does the hypnotist [...]

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Can hypnosis help with anxiety?

Can hypnosis help with anxiety? Treating anxiety with hypnosis has a long and successful history. Many people associate hypnosis with a deep state of relaxation and that will certainly contribute to easing anxiety. Hypnosis goes even further than mere relaxation. Hypnosis goes to the most basic habit of how we respond to the world around us. Many people thrive in high-stress environments while other people find it hard to cope. The difference between these two people is in how their subconscious minds respond to stress. It makes sense that to change a person's subconscious response to stressful events they will not perceive or react to that event in the same way. Hypnosis can change a stressful event, like public speaking, into an exciting opportunity that builds ones confidence and self esteem. Hypnosis helps make this subconscious change buy first imagining the ideal response. This could be a state of calm, or ease, or peace of mind. In building this is ideal response the subject is given more control over it until the they can feel at ease in any situation. Creating Resourcefulness This is much more than just imagining one so-called “happy place” because the immediate response to stress is now peace of mind. Peace of mind, comfort, ease happens automatically, without conscious effort. An additional part of the hypnosis process is also call the ego strengthening. Ego strengthening consist of building the self-image and self-esteem of the subject so the on a very deep level they see themselves as stronger and more resilient. For many people the amount of control they feel after hypnosis is dramatic and positive. To demonstrate this to the subject the hypnotist will ask the subject to try to create anxiety after the hypnosis session. The subject will often report being unable to feel anxiety [...]

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New Hampshire Tobacco and Smoking Statistics

As of 2016 18% of all the adults here in New Hampshire smoked the national rate 17.1% In 2017 23.8% of high school students used e-cigarettes and 9.5 smoke cigars at least once in the last 30 days. That beats the national average of 13.2% for e-cigarettes and 8% for cigars. The amount of healthcare costs that smoking has created amount to $729 million dollars per year. The lost in productivity for New Hampshire caused by smoking is 506.9 million dollars per year. For help to quit smoking check us out here. Quit Smoking Hypnosis.

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“Manchester, Bedford, Please, Quit Smoking.”

I'm sending this post out to my friends, Manchester and Bedford New Hampshire. Please, quit smoking. You know what smoking is doing to you. It's taking your money and your health. In the long run it's ruining you. Sure, you may like it or think it's cool, but come on. You know that smoking is killing you. So, as a friend, please quit. Please, at least TRY to quit... and don't stop trying. If something doesn't work, don't give up, KEEP TRYING TO QUIT. You're worth it. You're better than that disgusting, life crushing habit. You don't know me very well but you do know what smoking has done to people. You know what it's doing to you. You don't have to work with me, but if you do, you'll get my very best help. I've helped thousands of people quit smoking and I want to help you. When you work with me I show you how easy it is to stop the smoking habit. I'll show you how to DESTROY a cigarette craving. You'll learn how liberating, how freeing it is to wake up and be complete free from that tobacco habit. All you have to do is to want to quit and be willing to follow some very simple instructions. Most of all let me remind you that you are worth it. You're worth living healthy. You're worth that feeling of freedom. You're worth that feeling of power and control. Smoking took all that away and you deserve to have it back. Just give it try. New Hampshire Hypnosis has been helping people quit smoking since 2008. Give us a call at (603)589-8033

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Hypnosis is NOT Magic (it just seems magical).

No, hypnosis is not magic. Hypnosis is a very specific process that anyone can go through to make changes in their life. Changes can include getting rid of habits, craving and addictions eliminating fears relieving PTSD improve motivation enhance sports performance remove anxiety build confidence and self esteem .... and more, a lot more. There is little wonder while some people put hypnosis in the realm of magic. Many people have tried everything to gain control of some part of their lives only to have gotten results with hypnosis. So... it MUST be magic, right? No. Hypnosis is not magic. How Hypnosis Works Most people try to make improvements to their lives with conscious effort. Many times it will work, yet for many people there are changes that can't be made no matter how hard you resolve to change them. A cigarette craving will become overpowering, a chocolate donut will seemingly call your name, anxiety pops up even when you've resolved to stay calm. All of these things continue to happen because, even though you've made a conscious decision, there is a deeper process going on. This SubConscious process is stronger than willpower and is often tied to deep seated emotions. Hypnosis bypasses your willpower by going directly to the SubConscious level to make changes. This may be experienced in the hypnosis session by a strong focus on the positive things you want instead of removing things you don't. Sometimes changes happen by reevaluating old events in light of new wisdom. By doing that traumas can be turned into events where something valuable was learned. At no point is the SubConscious mind told it's bad, wrong or evil. By contrast, the SubConscious mind is recognized for doing the best it could with such limited information. It is then told what [...]

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Hypnosis For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

One of the reasons hypnosis has been proven useful for the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is because of the similarity between hypnotic phenomena and the symptoms of PTSD. The similarities include the absorption of awareness and the linking of emotional responses to outside stimuli. One can argue with some accuracy that PTSD is a form of hypnosis in that PTSD creates an effect in the same way as a post-hypnotic instruction. The difference between PTSD and hypnosis is that PTSD is highly negative and unintended while hypnosis is beneficial and consciously directed. Absorption of Awareness The trauma of an event causing PTSD has the effect of taking up all the the awareness. The trauma of the event becomes EVERYTHING the subject experiences. In psychological terms the subject becomes DISsociated from themselves and associate into the trauma.  From this one of two things can result. The first result is the fear/panic/anxiety becomes linked to specific events, situations and environments causing phobias and extreme forms of aversion. Avoidance of crowds and loud noises is an example. The second result isn't linked to anything specific and can erupt as free floating panic attacks and anxiety. Another symptom is a detachment from reality, where the subject doesn't feel connected to anything they are experiencing. Linking Strong Emotions Both PTSD and hypnosis utilize emotions to make change. PTSD associates the subject into a trauma, hypnosis works by associating the subject into an positive and resourceful emotional state. For this reason hypnosis is a very useful tool to undo traumatic stress responses created by PTSD. The hypnosis process is straightforward. The subject's attention is guided by the hypnotist, thus all that's needed is the ability to understand and follow simple instructions. Hypnosis creates a resourceful emotional state where the subject can experience events and [...]

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Anger Is Better Than Despair When It Comes To Quitting Smoking

Trying to quit smoking can be frustrating. Every time you quit you may also find a reason to start up and having that happen several times makes it very easy to start beating yourself up. After several attempts to quit you feel more frustrated and worse about yourself. I'm here to tell you IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT and beating yourself up only lessons your resolve to quit. Consider nicotine is a DRUG your brain gets very accustomed to and it can be EASY to fall back into the addictive habit. This is by intentional design of the tobacco industry. They want you to stay addicted to maintain their profits. The tobacco industry use a mind control tactic used by the worst of humanity: human traffickers. They will frustrate and punish every attempt to leave until their victims surrender to the horrible life of a literal slave. Big Tobacco wants you to become a slave to their product. Big Tobacco knows the best way to keep you addicted is to make sure you repeatedly fail to quit smoking until you give up and give in to the cigarette. After a while you become so depressed and frustrated you will surrender to them and agree to your enslavement. It's devious, it's insidious and it's intentional. Don't beat yourself up at your frustrated efforts to quit smoking. Instead get angry and direct that anger at Big Tobacco. Direct your anger at smoking and away from yourself. Getting angry is a much healthier response. I once spoke with a former smoker who told me what got him to quit smoking permanently. As a smoker he had a very contentious relationship with someone who constantly attacked and berated him and lived by a set of ethics he found objectionable and offencive. Like him this other [...]

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