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David Barron has been a professional hypnotist since 1998 and has helped over 10,000 clients throughout his career. Quit smoking, weight loss, overcoming stress and anxiety are the focus of his clinical practice. David has written several books on self improvement and hypnosis. You can contact him for you hypnosis session at (603)589-8033.

Hypnosis for Fear of Flying 

Fear of Flying is one of the more common irrational fears. One reason is that there are many aspects to flying that are potentially psychologically disturbing. For example, being restricted in a small space for a long time without any possibility of changing your situation can be very uncomfortable for many people. In addition, there is a small but real danger to flying; you are high up in the air moving at great speeds. For many the most anxiety generating aspect of flying is that you are totally dependent on the judgment and actions of total strangers for your safety. As you see, fear of flying can combine elements of other phobias and fears, such as fear of confining spaces and fear of heights. It also includes elements of fear of loss of control, and anxiety about some possible future catastrophic and even fatal, event. Another influence that helps create fear of flying is the media. Through catastrophic depictions in movies and on television, individuals are vicariously experience the most frightening of flying situations. All of which cannot but reinforce and intensify all the aspects of flying that might lead one to develop such a fear of flying that they can no longer tolerate getting on a plane. The Irrational Nature of Fear of Flying Thousands of planes all over the world, regularly, safely complete their trips each and every day. It is thus readily apparent that while some apprehension is reasonable, it would be irrational and unreasonable to let the hazards of flying prevent you from taking advantage of one of the most wonderful amenities of modern life, being able to quickly travel to other places with great speed. I know most of you would consider a person who avoids going riding in car because of the danger involved, to be excessively [...]

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Want to reduce Stress? Listen to this song.

Want to reduce Stress? Listen to this song. We all need control over stress no matter how well we pull ourselves together. According to Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson of Mindlab International, which conducted the research, the top song produced a greater state of relaxation than any other music tested to date. In fact, listening to that one song — “Weightless” — resulted in a striking 65 percent reduction in participants’ overall anxiety, and a 35 percent reduction in their usual physiological resting rates. Of the top track, Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson said, “‘Weightless’ was so effective, many volunteers became drowsy and it would advise against driving while listening to the song because it could be dangerous.” So, don’t drive while listening to these, but do take advantage of them: “We Can Fly,” by Rue du Soleil (Café Del Mar) “Canzonetta Sull’aria,” by Mozart “Someone Like You,” by Adele “Pure Shores,” by All Saints “Please Don’t Go,” by Barcelona “Strawberry Swing,” by Coldplay “Watermark,” by Enya “Mellomaniac (Chill Out Mix),” by DJ Shah “Electra,” by Airstream “Weightless,” by Marconi Union There’s also a free 10-hour version of “Weightless” available if you want a longer listening experience. Book an appointment with New Hampshire Hypnosis by calling (603)589-8033 or do it online in the form below.

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We make hundreds, maybe even thousands, of decisions every day. Our everyday decisions affect our accomplishments, our relationships, and our general well being. Given their recurrence and significance, how can we make better decisions all the more often? One way is to consistently ask questions that lead to better decisions, let me demonstrate…. 1. Would this decision improve the lives of others? Overlooking the effect of our decisions on others goes against our best interest. Why? Since mutual relationships and concern are a key part of achievement and prosperity. Thus, a decision to help other people, to offer thanks, or to cultivate social association, is usually a good one. Likewise, we benefit from thinking about the effect that our decisions have upon others in a range of ways. 2. Does this decision lined up with my long-term objectives? What’s most important to you? What is going to be most instrumental to your success? If you haven’t done so already, consider recording your answer to that question and referring to it regularly. A fierce effort over time to our outcomes is basic to accomplishing anything of meaning. When making a decision, consider if it is serving your main objectives and goals in some effective way. 3. How might I move to the best decisions? It’s January (for example) and you’ve chosen that for the rest of the year you will eat healthier. Think of it as done! …right??? Alright, perhaps not exactly yet. To nudge your impulsive self to act consistently with that ideal outcome, appropriate cues can help. For example, placing healthy foods within easy view and easy reach, while doing the opposite for unhealthy foods, may help you to make progress toward your goal. What can you do to help yourself make healthier decisions. I find that good decisions [...]

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Most people don’t know that there are many types of hypnosis. They go by all sorts of interesting names and equally interesting claims, “past life regression”, “ericksonian”, “authoritarian”, “deep trance”, “core transformation”, even “demonic de-possession”. Because hypnosis works so intensely with the human mind and imagination people have taken the study of hypnosis into some very interesting (perhaps “weird”) directions. Many hypnotists are proud to advertise their style hypnosis, so it’s natural to ask ‘which type of hypnosis is best?’ The answer is simple: the one that gets the result. Since 1998, when I started helping people with hypnosis I learned that very few people will eagerly pay for hypnosis. What they will pay for is a RESULT. What hypnosis has been proven to do well is to help modify the internal feelings and responses that people have little or no control over. They want to stop smoking, or lose weight, or overcome anxiety. RESULTS are what people are willing to pay for, thus, if you are looking for a hypnotist, they’re style of hypnosis isn’t as important as their ability to get you the results you’re looking for. For the consumer focused on results here are some recommended questions to ask of the hypnotist you might be working with: -> Have you helped people with _____? (Insert the result you are looking for.) -> How does it work? (They should describe the process you will go through is clear and understandable manner.) -> What do you charge? (Always good to know.) -> Do you have any guarantees? (Some hypnotists provide guarantees under certain conditions.) If you have any questions about hypnosis you are welcome to contact my office and my secretary will connect you directly to me. (603)589-8033

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Being a professional hypnotist for two decades has taught me a lot. It’s taught me that people can change in dramatic and positive ways given all the right reasons. I’ve seen people quit smoking and never go back after one session. I’ve seen people overcome paralyzing PTSD and phobias, change behaviors and start making healthy life sustaining decisions in what seems like minutes. To my surprise what I’ve learned late in my career is that hypnosis doesn’t really matter. Let me explain. “Hypnosis” is the name given to a very natural process. It seems mysterious and magical but, in fact, it’s very straight forward. We’ve all has some form of hypnosis happen to us in our lives. Maybe it’s when you were watching a movie and got so involved you could feel your heart race and your emotions swell. Maybe it was a time you witnessed something so dramatic you decide, then and there, to make a change to your life. These are all forms of “hypnosis” and they happen to all of us. Hypnosis is just the process one goes through to make changes. Think of any dramatic decision or change you’ve made and you will find a form of “hypnosis” in that experience. The reason why “hypnosis” shouldn’t matter is that no one has ever willingly paid me for “hypnosis”. What they wanted was a result, a specific change. They wanted to go through a process that would make improving their lives seem simple and easy. “Hypnosis” didn’t matter at all. Getting the change they wanted did matter. With this realization I no longer have to sell people on hypnosis… because hypnosis doesn’t matter. Becoming a non-smoker is what matters. Getting over PTSD and phobias are what matters. Making life better is want matters. If you have any [...]

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Because hypnosis has a sense of mystery about it a common question I get is “what’s it like to be hypnotized?” A lot of people think hypnosis is like sleep because what they have seen are people completely relaxed and appearing to be asleep and unconscious. The truth is they are very much aware what is being told to them. Everyone has a slightly different experience but what hypnotized people have in common is that hypnosis is a highly focused state of concentration. With that in mind, imagine being both completely relaxed and comfortable and focusing intensely on something that is important and meaningful to you. That is what it’s like to be hypnotized. Within that highly focused and relaxed state you will create, plan and rehearse new habits, responses and behaviors that seemed impossible when you were trying to consciously control them. The hypnotic process also creates a powerful opportunity to directly address subconscious processes that no longer help you and change them directly. Remember, it is the RESULT that matters. Some people will say “I don’t think I was hypnotized” but they are changed! They still get their result. If you want to experience what a hypnosis session is like you can visit this web page and participate in a no cost hypnosis audio session. http://newhampshirehypnosis.com/audio If you have any questions about how hypnosis can help, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for taking a look at how hypnosis can help you. You’ll be working with professionals that have over 20 years of experience helping people, just like you. Warmly, David Barron New Hampshire Hypnosis

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Hypnosis has the ability to change deep unconscious habits that seem outside of your conscious control. But there is a way to bring many habits under our control without resorting to fatigue producing “will power”. The process is called Mindfulness. I often encourage my hypnosis clients to practice a simple exercise in mindfulness. Mindfulness does not mean sitting cross-legged in meditating for hours. Instead, it is the very simple and intentional Act of paying attention. Putting all of your attention to what you are doing without judgement and without emotion. Mindfulness is the act of observing what you are experiencing with intense curiosity. When one practices mindfulness and applies it to habits like smoking, compulsive eating, anxiety or other seemingly subconscious processes, interesting things are uncovered. For the smoker, the Habit that used to happen automatically now is given awareness and the smoker begins to discover things they had not been fully aware of. The taste of the smoke is much less Pleasant, The Habit not really as urgent as it used to feel. Keep in mind, mindfulness does not mean trying to gain control over the habit, only to observe it with intense curiosity. By bringing awareness to the habit the habit changes on it’s own. By using your awareness in this way you can get yourself “unstuck” from long and persistent habits. There are other benefits to practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness can: help relieve stress, treat heart disease, lower blood pressure, reduce chronic pain, improve sleep, and alleviate gastrointestinal difficulties. Author David Barron is a 20 year veteran hypnotist with over 10,000 clinical hours helping people make change. You can contact David at this link.

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I would like to describe my experience with hypnosis and serious drug abuse, specifically heroin and methamphetamine (meth). I’ve had experience working with drug addiction and want to share my insights with those who know someone suffering from addiction. Addiction is a profoundly painful condition. Withdraws from heroin can be extremely painful. For some people hypnosis can eliminate or reduce the discomfort of withdraw but it is not something I, as a hypnotist, want to deal with. There is a detox period of up to a week a heroin addict must go through to get over the physical withdraws. At that time I’m willing to help them get rid of the mental and emotional dependency with hypnosis. At that point hypnosis can be very helpful at building up a stronger sense of self as a person who is drug free. One should expect a lot of other work be done outside of the hypnotists office. Removing familiar triggers to use is important. Often that means changing the places one regularly visits where drug use happens and removing the people the user associates with. This alone can be a lot harder than visiting a hypnotist but the hypnosis will help provide good internal, mental and emotional support. I have helped people quit drugs with hypnosis alone but I remind people it’s best to build a very strong support system of family, friends and care givers. Every drug counselor will tell you quitting is easier when you have people behind you to help. When someone asks if I can help them get free of drugs I remind them I’m not a doctor or drug counselor and I’m very cautious taking on anyone with a serious drug problem. I will give my assistance only the right conditions. Many drug counselors will tell you [...]

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“Giving up smoking is easy…I’ve done it hundreds of times.” ~Mark Twain It’s true. For a majority of my career as a hypnotist, while I was helping people quit smoking, I also smoked. I know that makes me seem like a hypocrite and I would agree. I started smoking a few years before I started my career in hypnosis. Smoking made be feel independent and rebellious. I also knew no good would come of smoking but, like every smoker, I suppressed that thought with a double dose of justification and denial. Also like many smokers, I quit smoking many times. What I want to share with you is what got me over the hump and made stay a non-smoker. The turning point came for me when I realized that, while I liked smoking, and sometimes really wanted/craved a cigarette, I liked being a non-smoker even more. The change happened when I made smoking about my self image and self-esteem. Many of us use a habit like smoking to distract us from something deeper, to keep us from facing a problem that might be easier to ignore. I thought I had a healthy self-esteem but I surrounded myself with un-supportive people and isolated myself from people who really cared about me. I was figuratively alone and used smoking to prop myself up and “be a man”. Even now it sounds kind of pitiable. Deciding to be a non-smoker and give up smoking was the most positive rebellion I could have designed against a half-lived life. When I quit smoking a lot of things changed. I began to treat myself with more respect and care. The most difficult part was ending the relationships that didn’t support my emotional well being. As a result of all that I’m more dedicated than ever to [...]

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Are you shopping for a hypnotist? Are you wondering what you should pay for hypnosis? Let me offer a perspective that comes from 20 years as a professional hypnotist. It’s understandable that you be shopping for the best deal. What you’ll find in terms of payment for hypnosis services will vary widely. Here is what you may find: $50-$100 a session and recommend 5 sessions. One session $200-$500. Period. Often referred to as the “One Session Wonder”. Multiple sessions over weeks costing $1200-$5000. For a moment put aside any thought of what you’ll be paying. Consider what you want instead. Most people want a result. They want to be free of tobacco cravings, or anxiety. They want to get rid of their late night snacking habit or to deal with stress more productively. Think about the RESULT you want and ask yourself “how much would I pay for that”? Depending on how important the change is you might be willing to pay a LOT. What you want is a RESULT not just a good deal. There should be other considerations than price. Most importantly, you should feel confidence in the hypnotist you hire. Here’s what you can expect from New Hampshire Hypnosis when it comes to service and cost. The cost of a hypnosis program is $400. A hypnosis program includes three mandatory sessions and unlimited follow-up sessions as needed. As of today, June 2018, no one pays for hypnosis, they pay for a result. Sessions are usually a week apart. After the third session, if the client feels more work is needed there’s no additional charge. If you have any further questions about hypnosis, please call New Hampshire Hypnosis (603) 589-8033 and my secretary will transfer you directly to me, your hypnotist, David Barron. David Barron has helped [...]

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