Concern Over The Corona Virus – COVID-19

Don't Panic! If you are concerned about travel and public exposure the corona virus / COVID-19 I will gladly work with you over Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts or Facebook Video Chat . Please call me and I'll explain how simple the process can be. In the mean time, do your part to keep the corona virus in check: Wash your hands for 20 seconds several times a day. Cough /Sneeze into a tissue or your elbow or sleeve, NOT your hands. Wear a face mask ONLY if you are ill. Avoid touching your face. Practice social distancing - stay 3 to 6 feet away from people when in a social or public setting. BE COMPASSIONATE!  - Reach out to those people who might be isolated. Give them a call and let them know they are not alone. Call if you want to schedule an appointment (603)589-8033  

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How Weird Is It To Be Free From Smoking?

One of my stop smoking clients just sent me this email. Below is my response. Hi, I had a dream the other night that I bought a pack of cigarettes, lit one and hated the taste and smell. In my dream I was completely disgusted by it and VERY disappointed in myself for buying a pack. This is the first time I have dreamed of smoking since our sessions. Wondering what your take on that is? Three weeks today. Managing driving fine. So far so good. Thank you! L Here is my response to the email: Dear L, Here is my take on your awesome dream. A dream like that is a reminder from your Sub-conscious of the change that you've made.  It created the dream for you so you wouldn't have to go through the Real Life disgust and guilt. It's another opportunity to thank your SubConsious for helping you out. Congratulations on your success. You earned it. Warmly, David Barron

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Hear Dave Explain How Hypnosis Helped Him Gain Control Over Eating

* How does hypnosis help with habit control? * How can I lose weight with hypnosis? * What's it like to be hypnotized? All these questioned are answered by Dave, a client who came to me to lose weight. Hear what he has to say in his own words. Call (603-589-8033

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Can Hypnosis Help With Anxiety and Depression?

Can Hypnosis Help With Anxiety and Depression? Yes, hypnosis can be a very useful and powerful tool to help people overcome  anxiety and even depression. One factor that contributes to the success of my hypnosis clients is how hypnosis is used to build a strong sense of self-worth and self-esteem.   Meet T'ea. She was referred to me by her sister who used hypnosis to quit smoking. Hear, in her own words, how hypnosis helped her to stop her anxiety. Do you know someone who is dealing with anxiety and depression? Find out how hypnosis can help. Contact us for a free 15 minute consultation. The only thing you have to lose is a bad habit.* (603)589-8033 Schedule your appointment here: *Results may vary from person to person. (Do you want to learn hypnosis? Check out this link.)

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Fear Of Public Speaking

The fear of public speaking haunts many of us. The thought of having all eyes on you worrying about the judgement of the masses is a relatively common fear.  For most people it is not debilitating, just an annoyance. For many it's a fear that goes away with just a little experience and training. But for a few, it is the worst possible situation they can imagine. Now imagine that speaking to groups makes you feel faint and nauseous and your job requires it every week. What do you do? You make excuses, lose sleep, ask someone else to cover for you. In short you do everything you can to avoid doing what your job requires. That is what Kristine was going through when she decided to give hypnosis a try to remove her fear of public speaking. Hear Kristine explains her experience and the change she now feels about public speaking.  You can get the same great treatment as Kristine.* You’ve got nothing to lose but a bad habit. (603)589-8033 Schedule your appointment here: *Results may vary from person to person. (Do you want to learn hypnosis? Check out this link.)

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Hypnotizability Isn’t A Thing

Hypnotizability isn't a thing. The idea of being hypnotizable has evolved from people watching stage hypnosis. There is often a time that the hypnotist will take one of the subjects and remove them from the stage because they are not responding quickly enough. Researchers have even developed hypntizability tests (ran by eager undergrads wanting to ef with peoples minds). This can lead people to believe that certain kinds of people cannot be hypnotized.  That is just not true. What people don't understand is that hypnosis is an entirely natural phenomena. At its very simplest it is a narrowing of the attention and an increase of focus. With that in mind anyone who can focus their attention, even for a brief time, can be hypnotized.  To be clear, some people do respond to hypnosis very quickly and very dramatically. Some people are incredibly easy to hypnotize while others simply require more patience. But as long as you can follow instructions you can be hypnotized. People often approach hypnosis with inaccurate preconceptions. They May say “ I wasn't hypnotized because I could hear every word you said” and they say this even though they've got the result that they wanted.  Their preconception is that every hypnosis experience should have a complete loss of consciousness and memory. This is simply not the case. There are multiple list of hypnotizability surveys that are supposed to measure how easily one can go into hypnosis. Are of very little use to hypnosis practitioners who are helping people with hypnosis.  Here is what’s weird: in my experience and according to some documented material on the subject  the ability to experience hypnotic phenomena has very little relation to the results of the session. Studies have not found significant associations between hypnotizability and any outcome measure ...Thus, the existing [...]

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A Non-Smoker Explains How Hypnosis Works

A Non-Smoker Explains How Hypnosis Works* Nicole was determined to do whatever it took to become a non-smoker... and it was a challenge! Finally, after multiple attempts, she thought hypnosis was worth a try. Hear it in her own words how she happily describes hypnosis as "amazing" and "kind of a mind-freak"! Everyone is different and quitting smoking, even with hypnosis, is going to unique to you. We can help find solutions for a number of problems. That is why our work isn't a "one-session-wonder", it a thorough quit smoking program that deals with your specific situation and needs. If you are eager to quit smoking you have nothing to lose. It is so easy to call and get all the information. In less than 15 you’ll know all you need to take the next steps. If I could take those steps for you I would, but I can’t. Pick up the phone and call or just schedule your appointment online below. You will get the same great treatment as Nicole. You’ve got nothing to lose but a bad habit. (603)589-8033 Schedule your appointment here: (Do you want to learn hypnosis? Check out this link.) *Results may vary from person to person.

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