I love that quote. Everyone I work with wants to do common sense things that should be easy to do. They want to stop smoking, eat right, control anxiety, focus on important areas of life and avoid distractions. All of these things are just common sense.

It’s common sense to not smoke tobacco.
It’s common sense to eat healthy foods.
It’s common sense to get physical activity.
It’s common sense that speaking to groups of people should be easy.
These things should be easy … but they are not. If gaining this level of control were easy people wouldn’t need a hypnotist. A lot of people will explain that they “can’t get our of my own way.”

Hypnosis is designed to create the “ideal conditions” where doing the commons sense things are simple, easy and automatic.

People wonder what the experience of hypnosis is like to make such a dramatic, and common sense, change. I remind people that it’s all about directing the attention to the right things. The hypnotist is the tour guide, your job is to do the “heavy lifting” by simply following the hypnotists instruction. Most of the time the feeling you get in hypnosis is so positive and pleasant it’s amazing. A lot of people feel so dramatically better they’re smiling and laughing at the end of the session. Yes, it’s an “ideal condition” for being able to do what is just common sense.

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I sought out David after a visit with my Diabetic Nurse Educator. At that time she informed me that my high A1C needed to be addressed and insulin was the next step. I did not want to go on insulin but my cravings for chocolate, sweets and desserts were my downfall.
I had made some inroads with reducing my sweet intake but my A1C was still too high. I am caring for a 94 yr old mother with Dementia and the stress of being her caregiver was also is creating havoc with my blood sugars.I couldn’t completely reduce the stress in my life but I could try hypnosis to eliminate my sweet cravings. I felt that sweets and stress were very much connected . My friends were all skeptical and thought it was a waste of time and money. My husband supported my decision to try hypnosis. I read all about David on line and felt like if anyone could help me, he could. I had nothing to lose.
So, after three sessions with David , I have eliminated all but one small acceptable indulgence a day. The program has also given me the tools to help me reduce my stress and relax. I am still a work in progress but David promised he would be available if more help was needed.
Thank you David I am not that person anymore.