I would like to describe my experience with hypnosis and serious drug abuse, specifically heroin and methamphetamine (meth). I’ve had experience working with drug addiction and want to share my insights with those who know someone suffering from addiction.

Addiction is a profoundly painful condition. Withdraws from heroin can be extremely painful. For some people hypnosis can eliminate or reduce the discomfort of withdraw but it is not something I, as a hypnotist, want to deal with. There is a detox period of up to a week a heroin addict must go through to get over the physical withdraws. At that time I’m willing to help them get rid of the mental and emotional dependency with hypnosis. At that point hypnosis can be very helpful at building up a stronger sense of self as a person who is drug free.

One should expect a lot of other work be done outside of the hypnotists office. Removing familiar triggers to use is important. Often that means changing the places one regularly visits where drug use happens and removing the people the user associates with. This alone can be a lot harder than visiting a hypnotist but the hypnosis will help provide good internal, mental and emotional support.

I have helped people quit drugs with hypnosis alone but I remind people it’s best to build a very strong support system of family, friends and care givers. Every drug counselor will tell you quitting is easier when you have people behind you to help.

When someone asks if I can help them get free of drugs I remind them I’m not a doctor or drug counselor and I’m very cautious taking on anyone with a serious drug problem. I will give my assistance only the right conditions.

Many drug counselors will tell you the emotional maturity of a addict will stop when they begin their drug use, thus a 15 year heroin use, who started at 18 may not be more emotionally mature than any 18 year old, despite the fact they are 32 years of age. This can can make things a challenge.

I want to always make it clear that I am not a doctor or drug counselor, I’m a hypnotist, plain and simple. If someone asks if I can help them get off meth or heroin I take it very seriously and want them to know my expectations.