How to Find The Best Hypnotist

I often joke that the only reason people hire a hypnotist is because they can’t find “witch doctor” in the business listing.  Most people don’t even know what to look for when considering a hypnotist. The best most can do is call around and find out which hypnotist “feels” like the best fit. The best place to start is getting a referral from someone you trust, but not everyone has experience with hypnosis. Here are some things to consider when seeking out a hypnotist.


Just about every business now days has a website and hypnotists are no different. Keep in mind that every website is designed to give a positive image for the business they represent. To look deeper, see if they have a blog that regularly posts relevant articles. Does the website have a scheduling system online? Do they offer free informational videos and audio downloads? Do you get a “feel” of the type of professional you will be working with?

Experience and Training

Most hypnotists will be happy to tell you their experience. It’s almost a requirement to make their clients feel comfortable. There are a few questions you can ask to better understand the experience level of the hypnotist you’re considering. How many years have they worked as a full time hypnotist? Have they worked full time or part time as a hypnotist? Do they have a specialty like quitting smoking, weight loss, habit control, anxiety or phobias?

Check out customer reviews

Check out customer reviews.


Check out hypnotists reviews on Google or Yelp. How does the average reviewer rate the hypnotists or hypnosis center? Keeping in mind it’s rare to find a business with all positive reviews, are the reviews generally positive?


What kinds of guarantees does the hypnotist offer? Many hypnotists will have a guarantee of some sort. If it’s not explained on their website you can ask them in a phone call.


After doing your research it’s a good idea to speak with the hypnotist you’re considering. A conversation will give you an idea of how you’ll be treated as a hypnosis subject. Have a list of questions ready to ask.

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