If you haven’t heard there are a big business hypnosis seminar that roam the country like a traveling circus. They book big venues and buy a lot of advertising promising to help people quit smoking if they come to their hypnosis seminar. The seminar rooms are filled with hundreds of people wanting to quit smoking. Many of them quit smoking … and many of them don’t.

A person emailed me about hypnosis for quitting smoking. During our email exchange he said “I went to a big quit smoking seminar and listened to the program over and over it does nothing for me. How will going to you be any different?

Good question!

The Difference

First, this is not a seminar. Everyone I work with one-on-one.  In a one-on-one session the client gets ALL of my attention. This allows me, the hypnotist, to adapt to what client is experiencing.

Second, no one is paying to be hypnotized. Clients pay for a result. A client wanting to quit smoking is paying to get rid of cigarette craving and to see themselves as a non-smoker. If at the end of that first session they still want a cigarette they will not be charged.

Yes, I realize this is different that most hypnotists.

Why do other hypnotists charge you even when you don’t get the result?

This is not to put down any hypnotist who decides to charge by the hour or the session. Everyone has their reason. These are my personal speculations … and I may be wrong.

  • They need/want the money. A hypnosis practice is a business. There are expenses that need to be covered a hypnotist may choose their fee structure based on that.
  • They perceive hypnosis akin to therapy. Psychotherapy has a strong emphasis on the process of therapy and less on a measurable outcome.  In psychotherapy a client pays whether or not they feel better at the end of the session… and they come back the next week and pay again.
  • They may not have the confidence in their ability to offer a money-back guarentee.

More Difference…

Unlike psychotherapy hypnosis is very outcome oriented. I will ask you 1) what do you want help with and 2) how you want to be/feel different. If I believe what I do can get you that result I could take you as a client.

Some people expect the hypnotist to “do” something to you. But Hypnosis isn’t Magic. It does demand your full participation. Merely listening to a recorded audio program isn’t the same thing as active participation in the process. You will have to follow my instructions.

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I very much enjoyed the experience. All 3 sessions I had, left a lingering calmness and it was so refreshing. I was walked through visualizing in my head some really helpful images and feelings that I hope to carry with me. I went for anxiety for a specific reason and have found it’s alleviated anxiety in other areas of my life as well. Definitely recommend.