hypnotist guiding a client through a hypnosis sessionIs Hypnosis a Truth Serum?

I was recently asked this question:

Can you hypnotize me in front of my wife and ask me personal questions to prove to her I’m not lying about certain things?

I will give you my reply and further explanations. Here is my reply:

          First of all my heart goes out to you. If you feel you have to resort to hypnosis to prove to someone you are not lying then you are in a tough spot.
          Hypnosis is not a truth serum and it is unlikely anything your wife sees during the hypnosis session will convince her and you probably already know that is true.
          I’m very sorry.
         Over the 25 years of doing hypnosis I’ve been asked several times to use hypnosis to prove what a spouse is saying is true. No one is ever satisfied with the result. The person hypnotized wondered if they did well enough. The spouse thinks it’s all bulls**t and I wonder why I took the job.
          This is not a hypnosis problem, it’s a relationship problem.
         I HIGHLY recommend you BOTH talk to someone who specializes in marriage counseling.
         What hypnosis is good at is building resources. Hypnosis can help build self confidence and self esteem. It can help you build and maintain healthy boundaries. Likewise your wife may benefit from hypnosis by creating a greater sense of security and self worth.
          Please, share this with your wife and then consider how I can help.
         I wish you the best.
          David Barron

Hypnotists generally use hypnosis to assist individuals with various issues, such as reducing stress, quitting smoking, or losing weight. Using hypnosis to prove honesty or uncover personal information is not a typical application.

Couple Talking open communicationMany ethical guidelines consider the use of hypnosis to manipulate or coerce individuals, especially in the presence of others, as inappropriate. Respecting individuals’ autonomy and privacy is crucial.

If you and your wife are dealing with trust issues, consider actively engaging in open communication, seeking counseling, or pursuing therapy as more appropriate approaches to address concerns and work toward rebuilding trust in a healthy and respectful manner. Consulting with a licensed therapist or counselor can offer a more ethical and effective way to resolve relationship issues.

Many people use hypnosis to Quit Smoking or overcome emotional eating. Is Hypnosis a Truth Serum? No. Hypnosis is a tool to help people better manage their thoughts and reactions.

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David Barron came highly recommended by a colleague who had gone just over a year ago to stop smoking and who has still not smoked. I know of her attempts to quit smoking and was quite impressed that David was able to help her succeed! I myself had smoked for 43 years. I had tried one of those group quit smoking hypnosis things, that worked all of two hours. Lol. I have tried the patch and an electronic cigarette – that just made me want to smoke real cigarettes. I called New Hampshire Hypnosis, It was very easy to schedule my appointment with David. Cindy at the front desk was all too welcoming and friendly. I felt comfortable talking with David and parts of my hypnosis were tailored to me! I am now a Non Smoker!! I highly recommend NH Hypnosis when you want to succeed and are ready to change, call them!!! You won’t be disappointed. It is so nice to breathe better, not smell like cigarettes, my car no longer stinks, I no longer stink!! It’s a win-win for me!! Thank You David so much.

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