I would love to help you quit smoking.

Please call my office and my secretary will connect you directly to me.  (603)589-8033

I’ve been doing hypnosis for over 20 years with about 10,000 clinical hours. Much of the work I’ve done is to help people quit smoking and eliminate nicotine cravings.

When you decide to work with me you will not be paying for hypnosis. You are paying to become a non-smoker and free from tobacco cravings.

Your quit smoking program consists of three sessions. The 1st hypnosis session is usually the most dramatic. I will ask you to start the session with a strong nicotine craving. By the end of the session, if you’ve followed my instructions, you will not be able to want a cigarette even when you try. Your 2nd session is designed to improve your self-image and self-esteem. The 3rd follow up session reinforces what we’ve done and deals with anything unanticipated. Any other sessions to help you with this issue are at no cost, free. This is part of my guarantee.

Please take a look at these videos of what it’s like to quit smoking with hypnosis:


The charge is $450 to help you get your result. What you are paying for is the RESULT, not the hour or the session. Most people get their result the first session but if more visits are needed there is no extra fee.

We can also arrange our work together using teleconferencing services like Zoom, Skype and Google Hangouts.

I would love to help.

David Barron

PS, There are some hypnosis audios available to you as well.
They are at
They will help you relax, remove stress and help you prepare for the work we’ll do together.

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