For anyone who wants to quit smoking, vaping or any nicotine product I want to give my encouragement and my best Advise to Quit Smoking.

First of all I would love to help you. But if I can’t help you, if you want to go it alone, I still want you to be successful. You still have my encouragement. Since 1999 I’ve helped several thousand people quit smoking with hypnosis, but I remind everyone you don’t need hypnosis to quit smoking. Here is my best Advise to Quit Smoking:

Set it in your mind that it WILL happen.

quitting smoking heres my best adviseSet it in your mind that it WILL happen. Don’t set a time on it happening, just agree you will (at some time in your future) be free from tobacco. You will be a non-smoker. It’s just a matter of time. There is no deadline. There is no urgency. This will set you mind to getting comfortable with this future version of yourself.

Reduce your smoking.

There are three reasons to simply reduce your tobacco consumption.

  1. By reducing your tobacco intake you have less nicotine in your system and you’ll be less subject to withdraw symptoms.
  2. Reducing your intake will make you more conscious/mindful of the smoking habit.
  3. By reducing your tobacco intake you demonstrate to YOURSELF that you have some level of control over the habit.

quitting smoking heres my best adviseDon’t feel guilty if you decide to smoke.

Guilt sucks. If you decide to smoke make it a conscious decision. Do it slowly and only after a pause. This process will take it out the realm of habit and into one of conscious control. Don’t feel guilty because you are going to be a non-smoker and this is just one step in the process.

Be conscious of the smoking process.

Be conscious and mindful of the smoking process. Quit making it a “habit” and make every cigarette a decision. This will help you feel a greater sense of control and create a bit of anger toward the habit that has been controlling you.  Don’t direct anger at yourself, direct it toward cigarettes and the tobacco industry. They thrive on making you a slave. Advise to Quit Smoking

Imagine the Best Version Of Yourself

Think of the person you want to be, not about the problem you’re battling in the moment.

Consider that as much as you want to change a habit, you are also wanting to be a better person. There is a future version of yourself that is free from smoking and happy about it. Imagine a supportive, loving conversation with that future you.

My clients are often told to remind themselves “I’m not that person anymore” and to notice the strength they feel when they say those words. By affirming “I’m not that person anymore” you are stepping closer to the better version of yourself.

Keep at it. Eventually, you will be that better version of yourself.

Don’t go it alone

There are a lot of resources out there to help you quit smoking. Call your doctor. Join a support group. If you want to use hypnosis, call me. I would love to help. Call today (603)589-8033.

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