To People Suffering with Trauma and PTSD

This could be for you.

Trauma happens to anyone who is exposed to pain or violence so dramatic they have no way of understanding it. They may be physically healthy but have no way of understanding what they have experienced. The external world may seem “normal” but their internal world has not found it’s way back. It can feel that life has changed forever and there is no peace of mind.

Are you trying to recover some peace of mind?

My heart goes out to you in your distress.  I do have something that I think can be of great benefit to you. This is a simple exercise you can do that could give you some real peace of mind. This very simple exorcize has a strange way of quieting the mind and turning ones attention away from the emotional pain.

It’s simply called “The Loving Compassion Meditation” and it has given me some wonderful solace when I was going through stressful times. I’ve also shared it with several of my clients going through PTSD and it’s made a big difference for them.

Here it is.

1) Find about 20minutes of time where you can sit without distractions.
2) Close your eyes and focus your attention inward.
3) Think of a person or pet whom you love and hold them in your mind as you mentally say “I wish you to be happy and healthy and free from pain and suffering”.
4) Acknowledge your love and caring for them.
5) Think of another person or being you can say those words for them and repeat the process.

Advice and Recommendations:

  • You’re not giving them a blessing or invoking a higher power. Simply recognize the love and care you feel. All you are doing is acknowledging your love and compassion for that person then move on to another person/being.
  • You may start easily with a child or pet. Some person or being who deserves care and love.
  • Each time you acknowledge your care for them, move on to another person. If you think you have gone through everyone you care about you can start over.
  • See how far you can extend the circle of people you care for. The clerk at the grocery store?
  • Do this for 20 minutes…. longer if you like.
Most importantly, don’t give up!

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