Hypnosis has long captivated our imaginations, often depicted as a mysterious process involving a swinging pocket watch and complete control over the subject. Yet, this portrayal couldn’t be further from the truth. I, as a professional hypnotist, want to clarify some common misconceptions about hypnosis and shed light on its genuine nature. With this information you can better decide how hypnosis will help you quit smoking, change habits or stop panic attacks.

1. Hypnotized People Can’t Resist Suggestions

Contrary to popular belief, a person under hypnosis does not surrender their control. Hypnosis is not about manipulating someone against their will. Individuals retain their autonomy and can resist or oppose hypnotic suggestions. Their level of control during hypnosis depends on their intentions and expectations.

2. Hypnosis is Not a “Special State”Hypnosis is amazing

Hypnosis is often misunderstood as a unique and unconscious state. However, people can respond to hypnotic suggestions while fully conscious and aware of their surroundings. Hypnosis is better understood as a set of procedures using verbal suggestions to modulate awareness, perception, and cognition.

3. People Are Not Simply “Hypnotizable” or “Not”

It’s inaccurate to categorize people as either highly hypnotizable or not at all. Hypnotic responsiveness varies among individuals, and most people can benefit from therapeutic suggestions to some degree.

4. Responsiveness Reflects Genuine Experience

Skepticism often arises regarding the authenticity of hypnotic responses. However, neuroimaging studies provide compelling evidence that hypnotic effects are neurophysiologically real and consistent with what people report. It’s not merely compliance or faking.

5. Hypnotic Methods Don’t Require Superpowers

Dispelling the myth of the mesmerist or magician-like hypnotist, administering hypnosis does not demand extraordinary skills. It’s a process akin to basic social interactions and clinical procedures. Nevertheless, it should only be practiced by professionals trained in its use.

6. Hypnotic Age Regression and Memory

The idea that hypnosis can retrieve highly accurate memories from the distant past, as seen in movies, is largely a misconception. Research shows that when accuracy is assessed against factual information from the suggested period, these memories are often incorrect. What people report during age regression reflects their expectations, fantasies, and beliefs.

In summary, hypnosis is a fascinating and valuable tool, but it is essential to dispel the myths that surround it. Hypnosis is not about control or entering a special state but rather about harnessing the power of suggestion and the mind’s potential. If you have further questions or are interested in exploring hypnosis for therapeutic purposes, consider consulting a trained professional.

Yours in clarity,
David Barron
Professional Hypnotist, New Hampshire Hypnosis

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Reference For You: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/finding-new-home/202102/21-myths-about-hypnosis

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David Barron came highly recommended by a colleague who had gone just over a year ago to stop smoking and who has still not smoked. I know of her attempts to quit smoking and was quite impressed that David was able to help her succeed! I myself had smoked for 43 years. I had tried one of those group quit smoking hypnosis things, that worked all of two hours. Lol. I have tried the patch and an electronic cigarette – that just made me want to smoke real cigarettes. I called New Hampshire Hypnosis, It was very easy to schedule my appointment with David. Cindy at the front desk was all too welcoming and friendly. I felt comfortable talking with David and parts of my hypnosis were tailored to me! I am now a Non Smoker!! I highly recommend NH Hypnosis when you want to succeed and are ready to change, call them!!! You won’t be disappointed. It is so nice to breathe better, not smell like cigarettes, my car no longer stinks, I no longer stink!! It’s a win-win for me!! Thank You David so much.

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