Elon Musk on Designing A Good Life

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How can you use Elon Musk's design principles to make your life better? In an interview with The Everyday Astronaut (video below) Elon Musk outlined his 5 step process to making things in a better way. A lot of engineers who've responded to it were blow away by the directness and simplicity of these rules. Even though they were created for engineers and designers I thought they might apply well to make a good and enjoyable life ... and they DO! Let's begin with an overview of each of these 5 step and go over how each step can be [...]

How to be happier than most people.

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How to be happier than most people. I have a theory. The person who posesses these three qualities has a more enjoyable life than most people. The three qualities are: High Self Esteem High Self Effacacy Internal Loci of Control I'm going to describe each of these personality traits and then suggest a methology of how to improve them in yourself. In short, you will read a proposal of how to be happier than most people. Let's begin. High Self Esteem Let's remember the word "esteem" means "respect". Thus self-esteem describes how much we respect ourselves. It follows that someone [...]

How Do You Maintain Your Mental Health?

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This question was asked in a man-on-the-street type of video and it got me thinking. What are the skills and practices anyone can use to improve and maintain their mental health? Two skills immediately occured to me That anyone can  begin to Implement. They are practicing  Mindfulness  and setting good boundaries. Mindfulness Mindfulness is the practice of observing your thoughts and your reactions to things around you. Being mindful creates an objective distance between what happens around you and how you respond to it. Mindfulness allows us to see how we are responding to experiences and gives us time to evaluate [...]

Change Happens From Meaningful Experiences (not from information)

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Experience vs Information We all tend to know what the right, or healthiest, thing to do is. We know it's healthier to be a non-smoker than to smoke or vape, yet for a lot of smokers just having the information isn't enough to make changes. Likewise, most of us have learned that we would be healthier and more productive if we did a certain list of recommended activities: eat healthy and in moderation, exercise, get enough sleep, etc. There is no lack of information about what is healthy and what we should be doing. Yet the information doesn't connect with [...]

Overcome Insomnia, Get The Sleep You Need, with Hypnosis

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For some reason it starts off as one bad night of sleep. Then two nights. Before long it becomes an cycle of sleepless night followed by days of fatigue and dread. That is what it was like for my client, Chandran. Sence working with New Hampshire Hypnosis he has tracked his sleep cycle and gotten an average of 8 hours every night! Hypnosis is a great tool to help people change thought patterns. That makes hypnosis suitable for dealing with insomnia, quitting smoking and habit control. Call us today for more information (603)589-8033. Disclaimer: Every hypnosis client is different and [...]

Hypnosis for Alcohol Addiction

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Can hypnosis be a useful tool against alcohol addiction? Yes! Here are some clients who've experienced amazing success using hypnosis to overcome alcohol addiction. But Wait! There's more. Disclaimer: Every hypnosis client is different and result can vary.  As a hypnosis subject you can contribute to you success by 1) being sincere about your goal of sobriety and 2) committing to the hypnosis process 100%.

How does hypnosis work?

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People make hypnosis seem mystical and unfathonable but it isn't. YOU ARE NOT BROKEN! All the things you are having a hard time changing are there for a reason; your subconscious mind thinks it's helping you so it will keep doing it. Hypnosis is as simple as having a very kind, honest conversastion with your Subconscious mind. In that conversation you tell it thanks for trying to help and then tell it how to do better. All the hypnotist does is help you get past the part that thinks change should be hard. You want to make a change? Call [...]

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