Overcome Insomnia, Get The Sleep You Need, with Hypnosis

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For some reason it starts off as one bad night of sleep. Then two nights. Before long it becomes an cycle of sleepless night followed by days of fatigue and dread. That is what it was like for my client, Chandran. Sence working with New Hampshire Hypnosis he has tracked his sleep cycle and gotten an average of 8 hours every night! Hypnosis is a great tool to help people change thought patterns. That makes hypnosis suitable for dealing with insomnia, quitting smoking and habit control. Call us today for more information (603)589-8033. Disclaimer: Every hypnosis client is different and [...]

Hypnosis for Alcohol Addiction

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Can hypnosis be a useful tool against alcohol addiction? Yes! Here are some clients who've experienced amazing success using hypnosis to overcome alcohol addiction. But Wait! There's more. Disclaimer: Every hypnosis client is different and result can vary.  As a hypnosis subject you can contribute to you success by 1) being sincere about your goal of sobriety and 2) committing to the hypnosis process 100%.

How does hypnosis work?

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People make hypnosis seem mystical and unfathonable but it isn't. YOU ARE NOT BROKEN! All the things you are having a hard time changing are there for a reason; your subconscious mind thinks it's helping you so it will keep doing it. Hypnosis is as simple as having a very kind, honest conversastion with your Subconscious mind. In that conversation you tell it thanks for trying to help and then tell it how to do better. All the hypnotist does is help you get past the part that thinks change should be hard. You want to make a change? Call [...]

Can Hypnosis Really Help Me to Quit Smoking?

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It’s no wonder why so many people want to quit smoking. A 2019 research reviewTrusted Source showed that it’s the top cause of preventable illness and death in the world. Stopping can improve your health, but for many people, quitting is a huge challenge. There are many methods and products for quitting smoking. One that gets a fair amount of attention is hypnosis. Some people credit hypnosis with helping them quit. Studies have shown conflicting results and it’s clear that more research is needed. It’s likely that hypnosis, whe Read on to learn more about hypnosis for quitting smoking, how to find a qualified practitioner, [...]

Hypnosis for Fear of Dentists

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Dental anxiety is probably more common than you might imagine. Several months ago I worked with a client who was dreadfully fearful of going to the dentist. She had some serious dental work coming up and asked if I could help. We did three sessions and she reported she felt more at ease with dental work but the appointments were still pending. It seems something amazing happened! I just got this from her in my email: Hi David - a little update-on my dental fears... I am happy to report that I had a second dentist appt yesterday to fix [...]

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