6 Lifestyle Changes & How To Cope

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Change is the only true constant in life. No matter how badly you want things to remain the same, life can always take you by surprise, and circumstances can change on a dime. If your relationship is suffering in the midst of big lifestyle changes, New Hampshire Hypnosis is here to help. Furthermore, these tips will help you navigate other changes with grace, from starting a new business to downsizing your home. 1. Pursuing a New Career What if you’re struggling to find any joy in your work, and you feel like you simply can’t keep putting in hours at [...]

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Hypnosis To Build Self-Esteem

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HOW HYPNOSIS CAN HELP YOU IMPROVE YOUR SELF-ESTEEM Self-esteem is a crucial aspect of our mental well-being. It affects how we perceive ourselves and our abilities, and ultimately shapes our relationships with others. Unfortunately, low self-esteem is a common issue that can lead to a range of problems, such as depression, anxiety, and even substance abuse. One can help Improve self-esteem with hypnosis and overcome these negative emotions. Read on... UNDERSTANDING SELF-ESTEEM "Esteem" by itself means respect or to hold in high regard. Self-esteem refers to the degree to which we feel good about ourselves. It involves our beliefs, thoughts, [...]

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Healing Trauma with Hypnosis

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Healing Trauma with Hypnosis and Reconnecting with Old Friends We all have trauma, and we all have a past. And while this trauma may have occurred in the past, so too did many positive aspects of your life, such as building bonds with friends throughout your formative years. In this article, we'll cover how healing traumatic memories through hypnosis (coupled with re-forging friendships) can help you lay a solid foundation for your overall emotional health. How To Reconnect As an adult, you may wonder how you can reconnect with your old friends from high school or college. These are the [...]

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Quit Smoking Improves Sexual Performance

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Quitting smoking improves sexual performance According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, men who smoke cigarettes are twice as likely to experience erectile dysfunction than non-smokers. This is because smoking can damage blood vessels and reduce blood flow to the penis. In addition, smoking can cause a condition known as “smoker’s penis,” which refers to the narrowing and hardening of blood vessels in the penis, leading to a reduced ability to achieve and maintain an erection. If you're a smoker who is experiencing problems with sexual performance, it's important to take action to quit smoking. Hypnosis [...]

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Hypnosis, and the possibility to manage pain

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The idea of using hypnosis for pain relief may seem mysterious, but it is no longer considered a myth. Pain is a complex experience produced by various parts of the central nervous system, not just tissue damage. Hypnosis, as a psychological technique, can alter pain perception by modifying activity in the brain and spinal cord. What is hypnosis, and how does it work? During a hypnosis session, a trained professional induces a trance-like state of heightened concentration and then uses suggestions to improve the patient's emotional or physical well-being. Studies have shown that hypnosis is effective in reducing pain, but [...]

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Stratagies For Improving Your Life

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When using hypnosis to help people it is mostly about helping them solve single problems, quit smoking, increase confidence, overcome anxiety and trauma. Building a happy life is bigger than solving a single problem. The answers are not simple. The best recommendations I can offer are about living by a philosophy that looks at life in a grand scheme. There are many good philosophies that do that. One that I can recommend to anyone starting out is the philosophy of Stoicism. Stoic philosopher/King Marcus Aurelius Incorporating Stoic principles into daily life can be a challenging but rewarding process. [...]

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Becoming a Good Person

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Becoming a Good Person There is no single formula for becoming a good and successful person, as different people define "good" and "successful" in different ways. However, here are a few general suggestions that may be helpful in achieving personal and professional success: 1) Set clear goals for yourself: Identify what you want to achieve, and develop a plan for how to get there. 2) Work hard and be persistent: Success often requires effort and determination. Don't give up when faced with challenges or setbacks, and be willing to put in the time and effort to achieve your goals. 3) [...]

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Can People Really Change?

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Can People Really Change? The purpose of this article is to provide a context to understanding how people can change. How much can a person change? As a hypnotist I get asked to help people make changes in their lives. The changes I'm asked to help with vary in size, depth and dimension. Here is a list of things I've been asked to to help people change: Quit smoking Improve eating habits Stop abusing alcohol Build a Feeling of Confidence Improve athletic performance ... the list goes on... In spite of the amazing changes I've seen people make, I still [...]

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To People Suffering with Trauma and PTSD

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To People Suffering with Trauma and PTSD This could be for you. Trauma happens to anyone who is exposed to pain or violence so dramatic they have no way of understanding it. They may be physically healthy but have no way of understanding what they have experienced. The external world may seem "normal" but their internal world has not found it's way back. It can feel that life has changed forever and there is no peace of mind. Are you trying to recover some peace of mind? My heart goes out to you in your distress.  I do have something [...]

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6 Ways to Practice Self-Care

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6 Ways to Practice Self-Care When you pour all of your time and energy into caring for others, you are more likely to be overwhelmed with the responsibilities of life. Finding time to practice self-care is crucial for your overall well-being. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to make time for yourself if you have a hectic schedule. A strict budget can restrict self-care even more. Using these six habits can help you work self-care into your daily routine without blowing your budget. 1. Try Hypnosis Learn Hypnosis at this Seminar Hypnosis is a state of focused attention and [...]

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