Science Says Hypnosis Real

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What is Hypnosis? Hypnosis, as defined by the dictionary, is a special psychological state with specific physiological attributes, resembling sleep superficially and marked by a functioning of the individual at a level of awareness other than the ordinary conscious state. We all have seen hypnosis in cartoons and movies, but does that happen in real life?  Hypnosis is a reality that many are aware of. Although different from how we perceive it from movies, it could is used as a treatment method in medical sciences. Kirsch's ideology on weight loss and hypnosis  Irving Kirsch is a lecturer and director of [...]

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Hypnosis Can Reduce Kratom Cravings

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People use Kratom for relaxation, pain relief, anxiety, and several other reasons. In fact, in higher dosages, it is often used as a substitute for opioid drugs like morphine and heroin because it carries the same effect on the brain receptors. Unfortunately, like opioids, Kratom can also contain addictive properties, which you should be wary about.  Intolerance, dependency and cravings are some side effects that can come with using Kratom and can later lead to psychological and physical withdrawal when you eventually choose to stop using it. Though because of its easy availability, people may opt to take it to [...]

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What “I don’t believe in hypnosis” REALLY means.

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Since April 1999 I've been helping people make improvements to their lives with hypnosis. The first time I heard someone say "I don't believe in hypnosis" I was stumped. I didn't know how to respond. For a moment I felt like I needed to defend myself and the practice of hypnosis. But, I realized that wouldn't be useful. That got me thinking. Saying "I don't believe in hypnosis" isn't exacting and it's likely they mean one of three things. What Do They REALLY mean? Meaning #1 - Hypnosis is Fake. The most obvious way to understand those words is they [...]

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3 Ways Hypnosis Can Stop Anxiety

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"Freedom is a journey, not a destination." When you’re suffering from anxiety, the world can feel like a very scary place. Not only will your thoughts race, but almost everything in your environment can become a trigger for your anxiety. Even something as simple as going to the grocery store can be seen by someone with anxiety as a horrible and terrifying ordeal that is likely to leave them hyperventilating. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to help reduce your anxiety and get back to living a normal life again. One of these methods is through the use of hypnosis. [...]

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How Many Sessions Are Enough for Weight Loss?

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Hypnotherapy for weight loss is, in essence, the therapeutic application of hypnosis to assist with habit and attitude modifications to help you change undesirable ideas, behaviors, or emotions that might be influencing what and how you eat. A hypnotherapist employs several approaches to shift thought patterns, understand why you struggle to maintain or lose weight, and help you recognize ways you might be sabotaging yourself with unhealthy behaviour choices. Hypnosis is used to put you into a state of deep relaxation. Does hypnosis help people lose weight? Will hypnotherapy for weight loss work for me? This is one of the [...]

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How to encourage a friend to get help.

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Let's suppose there is someone in your life you care about who seriously NEEDS help.  They are engaging in a behavior you want them to stop. How do you talk to them so they are more likely to ask for help? Don't Do This... Nagging, lecturing, critisizing. It may feel good. It may feel like the only thing you can do for the people you care about. After all, you are watching them engage in behaviors that at best, are wasteful, and at worse, self-destructive. The problem nagging, lecturing and critsizing is that it creates an opposition for them to [...]

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Change a behavior? Change how you see yourself.

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As much as people use hypnosis to change behaviors like quitting smoking, fear of flying and the like, the truth is they want to be someone different. People want to be someone better than they are now. Our identities are not fixed.  In fact, your self-image is flexible and fluid. Consider how teenagers are noted for experimenting with their sense of identity. It is a central feature of becoming an adult. But formulating a new sense of self is not limited to the young. Anyone can reshape and form a newer and better personal identity. Our self-perception is a cognitive [...]

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How Much Is Hypnosis Worth?

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Are you shopping for a hypnotist? Are you wondering what you should pay for hypnosis? Let me offer a perspective that comes from 20 years as a professional hypnotist. It’s understandable that you be shopping for the best deal. What you’ll find in terms of payment for hypnosis services will vary widely. Here is what you may find: $50-$100 a session and recommend 5 sessions. One session $200-$500. Period. Often referred to as the “One Session Wonder”. Multiple sessions over weeks costing $1200-$5000. For a moment put aside any thought of what you’ll be paying. Consider what you want instead. [...]

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I was recently working with a client for drug addiction. Anyone who recognizes they’re stuck in a problem starts working to get out of it. As you might guess, he spent much of his time and mental energy working to avoid using drugs and alcohol. This avoidance became a huge preoccupation. Of course doing this can work but such vigilance can make an exhausting amount of stress. A turning point happened in our work when he realized that it is easier and more enjoyable to focus on the things that he appreciates in life as opposed to trying to avoid [...]



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I love that quote. Everyone I work with wants to do common sense things that should be easy to do. They want to stop smoking, eat right, control anxiety, focus on important areas of life and avoid distractions. All of these things are just common sense. It’s common sense to not smoke tobacco. It’s common sense to eat healthy foods. It’s common sense to get physical activity. It’s common sense that speaking to groups of people should be easy. These things should be easy … but they are not. If gaining this level of control were easy people wouldn’t need [...]


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