How Much Is Hypnosis Worth?

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Are you shopping for a hypnotist? Are you wondering what you should pay for hypnosis? Let me offer a perspective that comes from 20 years as a professional hypnotist. It’s understandable that you be shopping for the best deal. What you’ll find in terms of payment for hypnosis services will vary widely. Here is what you may find: $50-$100 a session and recommend 5 sessions. One session $200-$500. Period. Often referred to as the “One Session Wonder”. Multiple sessions over weeks costing $1200-$5000. For a moment put aside any thought of what you’ll be paying. Consider what you want instead. [...]


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I was recently working with a client for drug addiction. Anyone who recognizes they’re stuck in a problem starts working to get out of it. As you might guess, he spent much of his time and mental energy working to avoid using drugs and alcohol. This avoidance became a huge preoccupation. Of course doing this can work but such vigilance can make an exhausting amount of stress. A turning point happened in our work when he realized that it is easier and more enjoyable to focus on the things that he appreciates in life as opposed to trying to avoid [...]


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I love that quote. Everyone I work with wants to do common sense things that should be easy to do. They want to stop smoking, eat right, control anxiety, focus on important areas of life and avoid distractions. All of these things are just common sense. It’s common sense to not smoke tobacco. It’s common sense to eat healthy foods. It’s common sense to get physical activity. It’s common sense that speaking to groups of people should be easy. These things should be easy … but they are not. If gaining this level of control were easy people wouldn’t need [...]

How hypnosis helps relieve mental and emotional pain

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How can hypnosis help you relieve mental and emotional pain? When most of us think of hypnosis, we think of a person losing control of their body to someone else because this is what is commonly shown in the media about hypnosis. In reality, hypnosis is a tool which can increase a person's attention and focus. The use of hypnosis in medical practices has been researched for a long time. In recent years it has become more popular with its use being more common and its benefits being more well known. Hypnosis has proven to be a very good tool [...]

7 Reasons Why Hypnotherapy Has Been Successful

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7 Reasons Why Hypnotherapy Has Been Successful When most people think of hypnosis, they think of a person being controlled by another person because that is what is portrayed in movies and on television. In reality, hypnosis isn't like that and can be a valuable medical and relaxation tool. The basic idea of hypnosis is to put the person undergoing hypnosis in a trance-like state where they have heightened focus and concentration. Hypnotherapy is done for a magnitude of reasons to help the patient. This article will look at seven reasons why hypnotherapy works. 1. Use in surgery Hypnotherapy has [...]

The Theory Behind Weight Loss Hypnosis

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The Theory Behind Weight Loss Hypnosis There's a common understanding that eating healthy and doing exercise can do wonders for our weight loss. Yet, after an intense three or five days of munching on veggies and sweating hard, we go back to square one. Why? Habits are unconscious processes that can be hard to build and even though we know what we should be doing to lose weight, it is just too hard for our brain to actually make us act on it. This is where hypnosis can be so useful. Under hypnosis, your attention is highly focused, and you're [...]

“I tried hypnosis once and….”

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If you haven't heard there are a big business hypnosis seminar that roam the country like a traveling circus. They book big venues and buy a lot of advertising promising to help people quit smoking if they come to their hypnosis seminar. The seminar rooms are filled with hundreds of people wanting to quit smoking. Many of them quit smoking ... and many of them don't. A person emailed me about hypnosis for quitting smoking. During our email exchange he said "I went to a big quit smoking seminar and listened to the program over and over it does nothing [...]

Hypnosis Story From The Archives…..

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A woman called me up asking if hypnosis can help releave her of emotional pain, feelings of loss, saddness and regret. From our conversation it became clear what she wanted to achieve and I explained that hypnosis is a great tool for helping people with the emotional pains she described. The problem was our language barrier. The conversation we had was difficult because her English was not very good and my Spanish wasn't very useful. I asked her if she knew of someone she trusted who was able to translate during hypnosis session. She said her niece would probably be able [...]

Elon Musk on Designing A Good Life

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How can you use Elon Musk's design principles to make your life better? In an interview with The Everyday Astronaut (video below) Elon Musk outlined his 5 step process to making things in a better way. A lot of engineers who've responded to it were blow away by the directness and simplicity of these rules. Even though they were created for engineers and designers I thought they might apply well to make a good and enjoyable life ... and they DO! Let's begin with an overview of each of these 5 step and go over how each step can be [...]

How to be happier than most people.

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How to be happier than most people. I have a theory. The person who posesses these three qualities has a more enjoyable life than most people. The three qualities are: High Self Esteem High Self Effacacy Internal Loci of Control I'm going to describe each of these personality traits and then suggest a methology of how to improve them in yourself. In short, you will read a proposal of how to be happier than most people. Let's begin. High Self Esteem Let's remember the word "esteem" means "respect". Thus self-esteem describes how much we respect ourselves. It follows that someone [...]

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