Can everyone be hypnotized? This is a version of a question I get asked often. It demonstrates how confusing the idea of hypnosis is for people.  To answer it I usually have to explain something about hypnosis. Firstly, I explain hypnosis is a very natural phenomenon. Hypnosis involves a focusing of the attention. Thus, anyone who can understand and follow simple instructions can experience hypnosis.

This does not mean that everyone will get the result they want just because they are hypnotized. Success requires a skilled hypnotist  to help formulate the best hypnotic solution to a problem. For example a smoker may use smoking to control anxiety. A skilled hypnotist will be able to determine if the solution should be aimed at the smoking habit or the underlying anxiety that causes it.

Myths vs. Facts

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A few other myths still surround hypnosis. Among them:

Myth – Hypnosis is like being a sleep. Fact – From the outside a hypnosis subject may appear asleep but they are intensely focused and aware of what the hypnotist is saying. Their relaxed and calm appearance is the result of their intense inner focus.

Myth – You won’t remember anything in hypnosis. Fact – Amnesia can occur in hypnosis but it isn’t proof of hypnosis. Most people clearly remember what they are told in hypnosis. The real measurement of hypnosis is results that occur after the hypnosis session.

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Myth – You will tell be compelled to tell the truth in hypnosis. Fact – Hypnosis isn’t a truth serum. People can lie in hypnosis.

Myth – The hypnotist has control over the hypnotized subject. Fact – That’s only partly true. The hypnotist is a guide directing where the subject focuses their attention. By following the instruction, like following a recipe, something good will happen in the end. The subject does not have to follow the hypnotists instruction but that means they probably won’t get the result they wanted.

Myth – People can be hypnotized against their will. Fact – People can be persuaded to do a lot of crazy things. That is NOT hypnosis, it’s persuasion, influence, marketing and outright manipulation.

Myth – Hypnosis can fix anything. Fact – No. Hypnosis cannot fix everything. Hypnosis is very good at helping change mental and emotional habits and associations, especially when the motivation is  sincere. This explains why hypnosis has such a long history of helping people quit smoking and change eating habits.


Even though the results that come from hypnosis can be dramatic, hypnosis isn’t magical or mysterious. People get results by following simple instructions to focus their attention guided by the hypnotist. If you sincerely want to lose weight or quit smoking with hypnosis that is enough. All you have to do is make the call. At New Hampshire Hypnosis you’ll get a free consultation with a 20 year veteran of hypnosis. Call today (603) 589-8033.

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