Experience vs Information

We all tend to know what the right, or healthiest, thing to do is. We know it’s healthier to be a non-smoker than to smoke or vape, yet for a lot of smokers just having the information isn’t enough to make changes.

Likewise, most of us have learned that we would be healthier and more productive if we did a certain list of recommended activities: eat healthy and in moderation, exercise, get enough sleep, etc. There is no lack of information about what is healthy and what we should be doing. Yet the information doesn’t connect with us enough to make any lasting change.

What does make us change is having a meaningful experience. Imagine, for example, you are walking from a corner market having just purchased cigarettes and pastries. You suddenly halt with a searing pain in your arm and chest. You feel your knees hit the ground. The next moment you awaken to paramedics pounding your chest and giving you CPR. The next few days follow in the hospital connected to heart monitors and surrounded by tearful family members. Finally, you leave the hospital with the urgent words of your doctor telling you if you don’t live a healthier lifestyle, you likely won’t live past the next 4 years.

We are also told that by taking on healthier habits we will have more energy and feel better. But for most of is it is hard to truly connect with that feeling of joy, self-esteem, pride and accomplishment a healthy change would inspire.

There is a vast difference between knowing what to do and making it important enough to do it.

We don’t change by having the right information. We change through meaningful experiences. 

Even though all hypnosis happens within the mind, it is engineered to make the experience so profound and real that the motivation is tangible. Hypnosis also makes the benefits of change so obvious to become automatic. Hypnosis clients report they don’t have to think about making a change because going back to unhealthy behaviors seem ridiculous.

Hypnosis is designed to create such a meaningful experience that change becomes easy. 

Many hypnosis clients quit smoking the very first session. Hypnosis can also help retain our minds to free us from anxiety and panic attacks. Athletes regularly employ hypnosis to improve their focus and motivation. Do you think you could benefit? Let us know. 

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