The fear of public speaking haunts many of us.

The thought of having all eyes on you worrying about the judgement of the masses is a relatively common fear.  For most people it is not debilitating, just an annoyance. For many it’s a fear that goes away with just a little experience and training. But for a few, it is the worst possible situation they can imagine.

Now imagine that speaking to groups makes you feel faint and nauseous and your job requires it every week. What do you do? You make excuses, lose sleep, ask someone else to cover for you. In short you do everything you can to avoid doing what your job requires.

That is what Kristine was going through when she decided to give hypnosis a try to remove her fear of public speaking. Hear Kristine explains her experience and the change she now feels about public speaking.

You can get the same great treatment as Kristine.* You’ve got nothing to lose but a bad habit.


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