Healing Trauma with Hypnosis and Reconnecting with Old Friends

We all have trauma, and we all have a past. And while this trauma may have occurred in the past, so too did many positive aspects of your life, such as building bonds with friends throughout your formative years. In this article, we’ll cover how healing traumatic memories through hypnosis (coupled with re-forging friendships) can help you lay a solid foundation for your overall emotional health.

How To Reconnect

As an adult, you may wonder how you can reconnect with your old friends from high school or college. These are the people who supported you at your worst and watched you grow into your best. Although you may have lost touch, re-creating these connections can help you feel validated, secure, and like you belong. Importantly, the time spent walking down memory lane will be a great distraction, and you never know when you’ll reconnect with someone who’s had a similar life experience. Use social media or online alumni sites to reach out to people that mean something to you and whom you wish to reinstate into your life.

The Benefit Of Re-Strengthening Old Bonds

There are social benefits of reconnecting, especially if you’ve recently moved back to your hometown after a divorce or the death of a spouse. Having these familiar faces around will help you settle back into your life while you gain perspective on your shared experiences and unique trauma. Having people around that have known you throughout your lifetime, and that knew you before your most dramatic experiences can help you pull the strength you had before so that you can let go of your current negativity.

Using Hypnosis to Overcome Trauma

Hypnosis has been used successfully in therapeutic settings for more than a century and a half. Given its effectiveness by allowing people to relax deeply and truly intake positive suggestions, it’s gaining in popularity. Hypnosis essentially retrains your brain’s neural pathways so that you can let go of behavioral patterns that create stress and distress in your life.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

According to Cleveland Clinic, hypnosis (sometimes called hypnotherapy) is a therapeutic model performed by a trained and licensed therapist. It is not the chicken-clucking entertainment act that popular media often portrays it as. Instead, during a hypnosis session, your mind gets quieted. You have an opportunity to access the parts of your brain where your memories, emotions, and beliefs originate. The NueroTray site does a good job of explaining the different types of memory and where they are physically stored in the brain.

Remembering Who You Are

Hypnosis can help with trauma, but it’s the environment we build around us that keeps us healthy. That is why friendships are so vital. As an adult, you are the direct result of your life’s experiences, trauma, and former friendships included. However, you can choose to grow into something new by spending time getting to know yourself and the things that are truly important to you now. As you go through your journey of reconnecting with both old friends and the true you, be patient with yourself, your reconnected acquaintances, and the hypnotherapy process. It takes time to rebuild and grow after trauma, and there’s nothing that says it has to be an immediate response. Healing Trauma with Hypnosis is possible and other support helps.

A combination of healing trauma through hypnosis, combined with healthy friendships, can help you retrain your brain to be the person you want to be. And while your past experiences will always play a part in who you are, you can take a more active role in becoming who you’ll be so that you can be happy, healthy, and whole always.

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