Are you shopping for a hypnotist?

Are you wondering what you should pay for hypnosis?

Let me offer a perspective that comes from 20 years as a professional hypnotist.

It’s understandable that you be shopping for the best deal. What you’ll find in terms of payment for hypnosis services will vary widely. Here is what you may find:

$50-$100 a session and recommend 5 sessions.chairs in therapy room
One session $200-$500. Period. Often referred to as the “One Session Wonder”.
Multiple sessions over weeks costing $1200-$5000.
For a moment put aside any thought of what you’ll be paying. Consider what you want instead. Most people want a result. They want to be free of tobacco cravings, or anxiety. They want to get rid of their late night snacking habit or to deal with stress more productively.

Think about the RESULT you want and ask yourself “how much would I pay for that”? Depending on how important the change is you might be willing to pay a LOT. What you want is a RESULT not just a good deal. There should be other considerations than price.

Most importantly, you should feel confidence in the hypnotist you hire.

Here’s what you can expect from New Hampshire Hypnosis when it comes to service and cost. The cost of a hypnosis program is $400. A hypnosis program includes three mandatory sessions and unlimited follow-up sessions as needed. As of today, June 2018, no one pays for hypnosis, they pay for a result. Sessions are usually a week apart. After the third session, if the client feels more work is needed there’s no additional charge.

If you have any further questions about hypnosis, please call New Hampshire Hypnosis (603) 589-8033 .

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Having been a smoker for 52 yrs I was skeptical hypnosis would actually work for me. I got a hold of David at NH Hypnosis and scheduled an appointment which consisted of 3 sessions of hypnosis. It was a very relaxing and soothing experience but even better it worked! Since that first visit I have not only stopped smoking I don’t even think about smoking. No anxiety no withdrawal symptoms. It was like magic. I should have done this many years ago! Thank you David Barron!