hypnosis to forget pain and trauma

Occasionally, I am asked if someone can use hypnosis to forget. They want to forget a trauma, a hurtful experience. They want to forget their pain. Can hypnosis be used to allow people to ­forget ­traumatic or painful memories like the move The Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind?

The answer is “Yes, but there are better ways to get an ideal result.” The better way is to give the hypnosis subject a new way of looking about the event. The result would be the memory remains but without any of the associated trauma. We’ve all had experiences of reevaluating not-so-traumatic events and changing our mind about them, why not the painful ones too.


This hypnosis process has been successful with people who have survived terrible car accidents, violent assaults and PTSD. It works because it allows the hypnosis subject to mentally step away from the pain and trauma to re-experience in an entirely new way of living. They can get un-stuck from that event and move forward without feeling anchored to it. They remember the event but the pain from the memory is gone. This process works many times better than simply trying to forget the experience. As a result the hypnosis subject begins to live life more fully without fear or anxiety.

Instructing a hypnosis subject to “forget” is imprecise, hit or miss at best. Forgetting does not guarantee emotional healing will occur. Telling someone in hypnosis to forget does not guarantee it will happen. It’s far easier to use hypnosis to change how one feels about a memory that to remove it entirely.

*Results may vary from person to person.

hypnosis to forget pain and trauma

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