As much as people use hypnosis to change behaviors like quitting smoking, fear of flying and the like, the truth is they want to be someone different. People want to be someone better than they are now.

Our identities are not fixed.  In fact, your self-image is flexible and fluid. Consider how teenagers are noted for experimenting with their sense of identity. It is a central feature of becoming an adult. But formulating a new sense of self is not limited to the young. Anyone can reshape and form a newer and better personal identity. Our self-perception is a cognitive shortcut that helps our brains make what might be considered difficult choices in advance, thus shortcutting the decision-making process.

Personal Story

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I often tell clients how I used to smoke. There were even things I liked about smoking. I tried to quit many times but I always started up again. Finally, I realized that the one thing I didn’t like about smoking was “being a smoker”.  That was when I decided to be someone different. I decided that regardless of any urge or want for a cigarette I would remind myself “I am NOT that person any more“. Every time I said those words I was filled with a rush of strength and determination. Quitting smoking was easier (and more enjoyable) than I thought!

Our sense of identity, how we see ourselves, has a dramatic effect on our behaviors, now and in the future.

As a simple exercise, consider how an ideal version of yourself would behave. What would be their habits? What habits would remove? How would they feel about themselve? For a period of time (a minute, an day, a week) see yourself as that person and take note of what you are able to do and how you feel. If you like the results why not keep it?

Think about how you may want to stop smoking, a part of that is you also want to see yourself as non-smoker. Keeping that in mind, hypnosis can help you do both, change habits and see yourself differently.

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After 38 years as a smoker, i am now a non smoker. I smoked 2 packs per day for the last decade or more. It has been two weeks, my urges are becoming fewer and farther between and i an excited to finally say i am a NON SMOKER. Thank you so much David.