Most people don’t know that there are many types of hypnosis. They go by all sorts of interesting names and equally interesting claims, “past life regression”, “ericksonian”, “authoritarian”, “deep trance”, “core transformation”, even “demonic de-possession”. Because hypnosis works so intensely with the human mind and imagination people have taken the study of hypnosis into some very interesting (perhaps “weird”) directions.

Many hypnotists are proud to advertise their style hypnosis, so it’s natural to ask ‘which type of hypnosis is best?’ The answer is simple: the one that gets the result.

Since 1998, when I started helping people with hypnosis I learned that very few people will eagerly pay for hypnosis. What they will pay for is a RESULT. What hypnosis has been proven to do well is to help modify the internal feelings and responses that people have little or no control over. They want to stop smoking, or lose weight, or overcome anxiety. RESULTS are what people are willing to pay for, thus, if you are looking for a hypnotist, they’re style of hypnosis isn’t as important as their ability to get you the results you’re looking for.

For the consumer focused on results here are some recommended questions to ask of the hypnotist you might be working with:

-> Have you helped people with _____? (Insert the result you are looking for.)

-> How does it work? (They should describe the process you will go through is clear and understandable manner.)

-> What do you charge? (Always good to know.)

-> Do you have any guarantees? (Some hypnotists provide guarantees under certain conditions.)

If you have any questions about hypnosis you are welcome to contact my office and my secretary will connect you directly to me. (603)589-8033