Because hypnosis has a sense of mystery about it a common question I get is “what’s it like to be hypnotized?”

A lot of people think hypnosis is like sleep because what they have seen are people completely relaxed and appearing to be asleep and unconscious. The truth is they are very much aware what is being told to them.

Everyone has a slightly different experience but what hypnotized people have in common is that hypnosis is a highly focused state of concentration. With that in mind, imagine being both completely relaxed and comfortable and focusing intensely on something that is important and meaningful to you. That is what it’s like to be hypnotized.

Within that highly focused and relaxed state you will create, plan and rehearse new habits, responses and behaviors that seemed impossible when you were trying to consciously control them. The hypnotic process also creates a powerful opportunity to directly address subconscious processes that no longer help you and change them directly.

Remember, it is the RESULT that matters. Some people will say “I don’t think I was hypnotized” but they are changed! They still get their result.

If you want to experience what a hypnosis session is like you can visit this web page and participate in a no cost hypnosis audio session.

If you have any questions about how hypnosis can help, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for taking a look at how hypnosis can help you. You’ll be working with professionals that have over 20 years of experience helping people, just like you.

David Barron
New Hampshire Hypnosis