You Can Really Never Fail to Quit Smoking

I tell this to all my quit smoking clients and it’s worth repeating here. When it comes to quitting smoking THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FAILURE. Why?

Because failure only happens when you
1) give up completely and decide you will always smoke,
2) you fail to learn from your last attempt.

While others are going to be hard on themselves and whine “I failed” you’ll do several things differently.

First, you will vow to continue. If your last attempt to quit ended with you deciding to smoke a cigarette LEARN FROM IT! Yes, there is something positive you can learn from it. Maybe it’s that certain triggers make you more susceptible to cigarette cravings. Perhaps, it’s fatigue can weaken your resolve. Maybe certain settings or smells or situations make it easier to go back to old behaviors.

Second, you’ll take that information to make changes. Just knowing how fatigue can weaken your resolve can give you enough strength to say “I’m just tired. I need some rest, NOT a cigarette.” When you know certain places in you home can trigger you then do something different in that area to shake up the trigger. Move furniture, spray a nice smell in the air, are good examples that will help.

Third, deciding to have a cigarette is NOT a reflection of you. YOU are not a failure. YOU have vowed to quit NO MATTER WHAT and NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES.

Get Angry In The Right Way

Remember, tobacco and it’s accompanying behaviors hide the billion dollar marketing effort to keep you hooked. Don’t get mad at yourself. Get mad at the industry that is committed to enslave and kill you through smoking. Righteous anger can be a great motivator when used correctly!

David Barron
New Hampshire Hypnosis

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